Clutter Can Harm Your Health | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant

Clutter Can Harm Your Health

Clutter creates stuck, congested energy which, apart from clogging up the atmosphere around you, can steal your personal vitality and harm your health. It can manifest in your body as physical illnesses that stick around, such as congestive disorders like constipation, colds or chest infections. It can influence compression issues like weight gain or abdominal fat. It can also make your relationships or life stick, and stop them from moving ahead. All this compromises your mental and emotional health, which may cause you anxiety, worry and low self-esteem. So all in all, clutter can gradually take over your health and …

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Computer Health | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant | Oxford & Portugal

Computer Health

Computer health doesn’t just mean virus-free. It also means clutter-free. Energy gets stuck inside computers, as well as in homes and workplaces. It can influence writer’s block and feeling stuck in a rut. How often do we stare at our computers wondering what to do next? Stuck energy! Technology has gone crazy, I said, when I first heard about computer viruses. I stared at my very first computer, a birthday present that promised to transform my life. Way back then a virus meant a cold, flu or other illness. But this was a lump of metal and plastic! Even so, I …

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Stuck to Free With Clutter Clearing | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant

Stuck To Free With Clutter Clearing

Let’s declutter your life, I said to Jan. She had chronic fatigue syndrome and food insensitivies, and her life was not moving at all. She was stuck like glue to inertia, lack of motivation and low morale. She was my feng shui client, and definitely the Queen of Clutter, with whole rooms in her house packed to overflowing with anything you can think of, as well as all her walls decorated with bits of paper, postcards, photos, telephone numbers and reminders. Even her cooker hob was a fall-out zone for bits of paper. Jan had many hobbies and interests, with hoards …

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Addicted to Clutter Clearing | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant | Oxford & Portugal

Addicted To Decluttering

I am addicted to decluttering, and it always kicks in when I’ve returned home from staying with other people, but they know this and don’t get offended, because they’re always asking me to declutter them. I do what I can to help, but decluttering a whole home is not a quick two-hour fix! I’ve been decluttering for years. My friends say that I can’t possibly have anything left to donate or chuck. I’m fairly minimalist……… although our home may collapse one day under the weight of my books! I’m addicted to books as well as uncluttering. Clearing clutter doesn’t mean getting …

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