Avoid Bad Chi At The Front Of Your Property | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant

Avoid bad chi at the front of your property

On my morning walks, I used to pass a new apartment block being built. What an opportunity to avoid bad chi right at the start and create some really healthy, positive energy for the building and potential occupants. But it was located on a corner, near a roundabout, with car bonnets and headlights aiming poison arrows at it from all directions. Later on, some tall knife-like decorative structures were spaced out along the front of the building. Below them, encircling the whole front was a low wall, with water rushing from underneath the wall down some steps into a trough. The …

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Feng Shui car parking is important | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Your Car #5

Feng Shui car parking is important, as your car can aim good or bad energy at your home. Don’t park your car facing your home. As the car turns to face your home, it directs sha chi towards it from the bonnet and the headlights. Sha chi is particularly potent when aimed at your front door. Sha chi is an unpleasant, attacking type of energy and can create discomfort for the occupants and unhealthy energy moving through the home via the front door. Back into your driveway if possible and park the car facing away from your home to avoid …

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