The Best Feng Shui Place To Sit

Do you sometimes avoid sitting in a particular place because you don’t feel comfortable there? It could be that you simply don’t like the atmosphere in the room, but mostly it’s because you are sitting in the wrong place. This can make you feel unsupported, unprotected, vulnerable, disturbed, or even distressed.

These are all undesirable seating positions:

Sitting with your back facing an empty space. You are unsupported and unprotected. Better to sit facing the space.

Sitting with the door somewhere behind you, unable to see it unless you turn around. You may feel vulnerable, as though somebody could creep up on you without your knowing it.

Sitting directly in line with the door. You are open to an assault of chi as it enters. It may be negative chi, but even positive chi can disturb you when it hits you with force.

Sitting between the door and window.  Chi rushes from a door to a window, unless there is anything to stop the rush. In this case, it’s you stopping it. You are under assault again.

Sitting with your back facing a window. Not so bad, but move if you feel uncomfortable. If you can’t, place some net curtains at the window. Place a plant underneath or at the window to deflect the chi.

The best seating position is where you have command over the room, which means good back support (a wall , a piece of furniture, or a high-back chair) and being able to see the door, facing the space in the room, and if possible, with a view of the window.

A good seating position should make you feel supported, protected, comfortable and peaceful. There are some feng shui remedies to help you here, but the easiest remedy is simply to move your chair.

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Wake Up In The Rooster Year 2017

shutterstock_463816550The Year of the Rooster on January 28th is the start of the Chinese New Year. The energy influences for 2017 are Yin Fire over Metal, metal being the rooster’s element/energy.

Fire and Metal clash, and the 2016 yang fire and metal monkey clash brought the energy of unpredictability and surprises, taking a risk and trying something different. 2017 yin fire and metal rooster energy gives us a wake-up call to get moving, but in a more calculated, methodical and practical manner. Rooster energy gives a sense of optimism, strength, leadership, collaboration and communication, while the yin fire kindles around it, gathering heat until, at the right time, it turns into a roaring fire.

The Rooster provides us with a perfect energy this year for taking responsibility for our direction in life, thinking out what we really want, and planning how to achieve it. Then the Rooster treads along confidently and optimistically, taking slow but sure steps, while the yin fire glows around our plans, gathering heat, until it finally ignites them into achievement.

Last year I grabbed the Monkey energy and stepped into the unknown. It brought me a different perspective, new ideas and new contacts. It was like a breath of fresh air. This year I’m definitely going to do some thinking and planning, and move ahead optimistically, waiting for the yin fire to start glowing bright and strong.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Feng Shui Is For Keeps

shutterstock_20276278-smallI once sat next to a BBC reporter at a dinner.  He was disappointed not to receive a quick feng shui diagnosis over the main course, followed by treatment over dessert. He asked me discreetly if our Host’s dining-room needed feng shui, then asked if I could help him to feel better, as he was lacking energy and generally feeling unwell. I did wonder if he would have asked a doctor or lawyer for some quick advice over a semi-formal dinner.

I explained that I would need compass readings and special analyses for the dining-room, which take time. For his problems I would need to chart his birth data, take compass readings and analyse his personal living space, the building and the environment around it. As much as I love helping people to feel better, facts need to be gathered and analysed first. If feng shui is not carried out correctly, misinformation risks being given. Further, although there are feng shui rules, bio-individuality is also considered.  Every property and every person is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

But, given time to do the job properly, it is amazing how feng shui can help to restore balance within a person’s surroundings and within the person. As I always tell people who ask me about feng shui, balance creates optimum conditions for healing to begin, in the home, in the body and in life. One or two things may change quickly, but mostly they change gradually, profoundly and positively, and blend in gently to become part of life. This is why I sometimes hear people say “Well it would have happened anyway.” They forget that it had not happened until feng shui had been applied. But the important thing is that it did happen.

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Feng Shui Hell In A Hotel Room


I wonder how many people walk out of this hotel room feeling ill, nervous, shattered and spooked. Some years ago I had my worst night’s sleep ever in this room. I had to check in quickly and rush off to a meeting which ended late at night. When I returned, I was desperate to drop into bed and sleep. I had no time to do a Feng Shui on the room apart from covering the television and the full length mirror on the door.

During the night I felt hyperactive and slightly ill. A sense of foreboding made me feel quite scared.

It was an old hotel, so there was obviously plenty of predecessor energy in the room. Perhaps somebody had taken ill or had a serious problem in there. The next morning it became evident. The room was packed full of poison arrows, mostly aiming at my bed. There were pointed picture frames and sharp edges of alcoves. The bed head was a large square, divided into smaller squares, with all the points aiming at me. The multiple images on the heavy wallpaper were two birds sitting on twigs. The twigs were pointed towards my bed, as were the birds’ beaks.

The sofa with large cushions, the bed valance and the carpet were all in plum and red colours, giving an everlasting buzz of yang energy. One large cushion was placed diagonally on the sofa, so that its large point held court over the room. This had to be the room’s ultimate poison arrow. But no, there was more! The hotel was located in a cul-de-sac with the long main access road aiming directly at my room.

An absolutely horrid night, but what a wealth of Feng Shui material for me. It proved to me, yet again, just how a person’s surroundings can affect their wellbeing.

A bedroom should have calm yin energy for a good night’s sleep. Yin colours are soft, gentle colours such as calming blue or balancing green, or pale shades of other colours. This room had bright red and plum everywhere, colours which exude active, yang energy. During the day yang chi can help a person to gain more energy, but during the night it can keep them awake.

Predecessor energy is difficult to remove from a hotel room, but it may be that previous occupants of this room had also experienced uncomfortable feelings similar to mine, caused by the disturbing energy in the room, and their own distressed energy had been left behind in the room’s atmosphere.

Mirrors, and a television screen which acts like a mirror, are not good for bedrooms because they create an energy buzz around the room, and if they reflect the bed, they aim the buzz of energy at the occupant.  This is disruptive for peaceful sleep. I was able to cover these.

Corners and angles of furniture, or other objects such as cushions, need to be rounded, even slightly, because chi energy hits points and sharp edges, and bounces off them angrily, hitting anybody nearby and creating feelings of discomfort and distress. Tall points like that one large diagonally-placed cushion, aim an overwhelmingly menacing energy at anybody nearby.

I could have covered all the points on the bedhead with a cloth, and I could have arranged the cushions so that any points were softened and not standing upright. But I could not have done anything about the points in the twigs and the birds’ beaks which were all over the wallpaper, nor the main road aiming directly at my room. If I had not been in such a hurry to check in, I would have noticed, and asked to change room.

I certainly would not wish this room on anybody.

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Feng Shui for Happy Children

Feng Shui WayGood feng shui in the bedroom can make a huge difference to a child’s behaviour and unique development.

One of my clients had a child who was terrified at night and didn’t seem to like being in her bedroom. During my consultation, I suggested that my client remove the red rug from the daughter’s bedroom floor. Apart from being bright red, which is a yang colour, and yang is too vibrant an energy for a bedroom, the rug depicted […] read more

Written by Brenda Martin for LinkedIn Pulse