Personalised Feng Shui Guide To Your Ideal Property

What to look for in a property and its environment

I outline the benefits and pitfalls of a property, its surroundings and environment, and how you, personally, can slot comfortably into the energy of a property.

A healthy environment ensures 70% of good feng shui for a property. Good location and healthy chi flow ensure happy and healthy living. This is the best way to find your ideal property, right at the beginning, before committing.    

The guide includes your personal good and unfavourable directions, and will focus on supporting your life aspirations. I will ask you for your birth data, and information on your goals and challenges.    

The guide advises on many environmental and internal factors to observe, which can influence the health and flow of energy around and through the property.

Environmental factors include predecessor energy from the land on which the property stands, electromagnetic radiation from overhead cables, lamp-posts and trees aiming at the front of the property, sloping back gardens, back support, front of property blockages, roadways, and more.

Interior factors include extensions and missing areas on the floor plan, personal good and unfavourable sleeping and sitting directions, poison arrows, chi flow over a bed when sleeping, best front door directions and much more.   

A useful guide to get your feng shui right from the beginning.                              

Price: £120.

Please contact me for more information.