Feng Shui Remote Consultation

Feng Shui Remote Consultation Globally | Brenda Martin FSSA

Wherever you are in the world, my remote consultation helps you restore balance, harmony, energy, control over your life and overall wellbeing. 

On the basis of the information you give me, I gain an insight into the interaction and quality of energy in your property and how this may be affecting you.

I ask you for a compass reading, and guide you in this by phone/Skype if you need help. 

You email me your floor plans, photographs and/or a video of your property, and your reasons for wanting this feng shui evaluation.

If you like, we can do a walk-through your property by WhatsApp and discuss along the way.

You will receive a written report with my analyses, step-by-step recommendations, and 6 weeks’ follow-up.

Brenda shared her professional advice based on years of knowledge and experience, with sensitivity and understanding. Just a few touches have resulted in a profound change achieved – results enjoyed by me and all those who visit day after day. Brenda, thank you for all your help in improving my home energy which contributes to positive influences on all areas of my life. It was well worth doing and I happily recommend you to others. K.M. Newbury, UK

Remote Consultation

Client confidentiality maintained

Interview with you by email/telephone.

Preparation and analysis based on information from you.

Email/telephone exchanges, to apply information accurately

Written report with plans and photographs.

6 weeks’ follow-up advice as required.


My Feng Shui Guide in advance

Discussion of your problems and goals.

Compass reading and energy analysis.

Interpretation of your birth data.

Charting your good and bad directions.

Analysis of your property inside and outside.

Tips on plants, colours, paintings, mirrors.

Tips for boosting personal energy, calming tension, improving health.

Clutter clearing guidance.

Advice on reducing electro-stress.

According to
property size. As a guide, a studio apartment is £150, with various prices up to large-scale projects from £1600.
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When your 6 weeks’ free follow-up has ended, I am available for continued help. Details here 

Choose well at the start, to ensure happy and healthy living and working. Details here 

What to look for in a property and its environment. A great help while house-hunting. Details here 

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