Feng Shui Consultation

My Feng Shui Consultation identifies and helps to solve the possible causes of your problems, and works towards achieving your goals and a positive outcome in all areas of your life. I analyse how yFeng Shui Consultation | Brenda Martin FSSA | Oxford & Portugalou link to your property, the type of energy affecting you, and how the interior and exterior of the property can be arranged for a healthy and positive energy flow. 

HOME: it helps to create family harmony, better health, more energy, well-being and peace of mind and heart.

I had a wonderful consultation with Brenda. She was warm and friendly and really took the time to listen to the issues we had with our house and what we were hoping to achieve through Feng Shui. She made lots of suggestions which we are really excited about putting into practice over the next few weeks. We both already feel calmer, knowing we are doing our best through Brenda’s recommendations, to improve the energy in our home. Thank you! A.K. Weston-on-the-Green, GB

WORKPLACE: it creates a harmonious and supportive working environment, improving opportunities for success. It helps to reduce stress and encourages good relationships, clarity of mind and direction.

I have a new job! An opportunity came out of nowhere! It has taken me into a managerial position with great opportunities to progress further. I.S Birmingham, GB

The Consultation

Client confidentiality maintained.

Interview with you by email or telephone.

Preparation & analysis before visit, based on information from you.

Email/Phone exchanges, to apply information accurately.

2-3 hour visit to your property.

Written report with plans & photographs.

6 weeks’ follow-up advice as required.


My Feng Shui Guide & Tips in advance.

Discussion of your problems and goals.

Compass reading and energy analysis.

Interpretation of your birth data.

Charting your good and bad directions

Analysis of your property inside and outside.

Tips on plants, colours, paintings, mirrors.

Tips to boost energy, calm tension, improve well-being.

Clutter clearing guidance.

Advice on reducing electro-stress.

According to property size. As a guide, from £180 for a studio flat, to £1600+ for large-scale projects. Contact me for a chat or quotation. Click here for more details about my consultation.

When your 6 weeks’ free follow-up has ended, I am available for continued help. Details here 

Includes all the above, except a visit, is very popular and effective. Details here 

Choose well at the start, to ensure happy and healthy living and working. Details here 

What to look for in a property and its environment. A great help while house-hunting. Details here

Areas of Work
Oxford, Berks, Hants, Dorset, Midlands, Portugal
Global: Remote / Overview / Guide

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