I offer several different types of feng shui evaluation, each one guiding you towards:
peace, harmony and well-being in your existing property, and choosing well when property-hunting.

My consultation is geared towards:

– Helping you feel at ease in your space
– Having energy and a sense of well-being
– Feeling you have control over your life
– Things going right for you

I focus on:
– Your needs, challenges and goals

– Support for your health and well-being
– Predecessor energy
– Areas of clutter and stuck energy
– Releasing energy blockages
– Achieving healthy energy throughout

Thanks for all your input Brenda. Your consultation has been great value for money! Within days of starting to clear my office I had four new offers of work!  Even better is that the increased workload has felt remarkably unstressful, though the work hasn’t stopped flowing in! The decluttering has had a great feel-good factor too – and your follow-up support has been excellent. P.G. Oxford, UK

I won’t be doing the following:
– Turning your home into a show-house

– Suggesting expensive structural changes
– Recommending lots of purchases
– Suggesting changes you don’t like

I was concerned that I would need to make major changes, but you always suggested a way around any problem to overcome it, which was great. I’m feeling much happier and more positive than I have in a long time. Feng shui was a good investment for me – you can’t put a price on things going well in your life. C.J. Reading, GB

Areas of Work
UK: Oxford, Berks, Hants, Dorset, Midlands, Portugal
Global: Remote / Overview