Feng Shui

Feng shui helps you to reduce your bad times
and achieve more during your good times

Restore balance with feng shui to create optimum conditions for the ‘healing process’ to kick-start in one’s surroundings, body, mind and life.

Feng Shui | Brenda Martin | Accredited Consultant | Oxford & PortugalYou reflect the energy in your surroundings. If it’s poor quality, it can show up in your life as things going wrong, disharmony, ill health, sleep problems, low energy, a sense that things are just not right.That problem started when we moved in! usually means that the property is causing the problem. Clear signs are when things appear to go wrong regularly: arguments, bad luck, persistent frustrations, inertia, or feeling strange in certain rooms.

Balanced chi flow is the priority in feng shui. Chi flows around and through everything and everybody. Poor-flowing chi in our surroundings creates imbalance, which can make things function badly, including our bodily system, resulting in reduced morale, efficiency and well-being.

Feng Shui’s roots are in the laws of nature, how energy flows and how it affects people. Positive energy (chi) in your surroundings, helps to create a support system for you, your health, relationships, work and quality of life.Feng Shui | Brenda Martin | Accredited Consultant | Oxford & Portugal

A Feng Shui Consultation assesses the exterior and interior of the property, and corrects and balances the flow of chi. It supports and protects the property and its occupants, and aims to create happy, healthy and harmonious living and working.

Even if everything is going well for you, feng shui will cleanse the energy and create opportunities for better health and well-being, less stress, and more success.

“I loved the feng shui experience and learnt so much. We recently moved to a new area after selling our property.  To make sure this was an area we wanted to remain in, we rented a property; however, neither myself nor my partner were able to sleep well, we felt isolated and my partner’s business was not performing as it should.  After some hunting around the web, I thankfully found Brenda.  Brenda initially sent me a fact sheet on what to expect and a questionnaire for me to complete which allowed her to prepare comprehensively before a physical visit. 

During the visit Brenda made notes, took photographs and described potential remedies. This was followed up with a full report with the reasons for the remedies so I could actively engage in the remedies and choose pleasing object(s) as necessary.  Some of the remedies were simply moving furniture around and others required a reposition of objects I already had in the house.  In fact, the only objects I bought were a couple of lovely colourful vases.  Brenda also advised on where pictures we already had should be placed and why. 

After the visit and initial report, Brenda provides a 3 month period where you can ask questions and provide updates on where you are with the remedies.  I certainly made full use of this facility and found it invaluable. The energy and flow of the house has improved massively and this has been favourably commented on by various visitors.  We both sleep better and, as a result, have improved energy throughout the day.  Although it is early days in respect of the effect of the remedies on the business, we have certainly come across more helpful people than before and things are moving in the right direction. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Brenda’s services to you.”
— C.D. Henley-on-Thames, UK

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