Refresh, Revitalise, Energise

Refresh, Revitalise, Energise
Restore balance, harmony and wellbeing in you, your home, and your life
with home organisation and declutteringRefresh, revitalise, re-energise with feng shui

I have been home organising and clutter clearing for over 30 years. No task is too much for me and nothing fazes me. This sort of work gives me an energy buzz, and I get pleasure from seeing happy clients and sensing the motivation, energy and peace of mind that comes over them as we free-up space, and particularly when the job is done.  

So please feel free to contact me for a chat about your needs.


When homes are disorganised or cluttered, the energy flowing through them becomes blocked, stale and unhealthy. People absorb the energy from their surroundings and over time it can affect them in the same way, making them feel tired or overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, lacking progress, not feeling particularly healthy, and sensing that things just aren’t working properly any more. 

In feng shui, each compass sector of the home is associated with a life area, such as South West for relationships, South East for finances, North West for business, East for health and so on. So clutter and disorganisation in the different compass sectors can influence stuck relationships, disorganised business, health issues and other challenges in life.

HOME ORGANISATION AND DECLUTTERING can be done any time and in any room:

  • Before moving home
  • On arrival at a new home
  • After a death
  • Re-organising the filing system
  • Sorting out kitchen cupboards
  • Tidying a garage or workshop
  • Keeping tidy and organised

SOME OF MY CLIENTS. Names changed for confidentiality.

She was extremely cluttered, overwhelmed, had chronic fatigue and was making no progress in her life. Usually things start moving forward after decluttering, but Felicity was still feeling stuck and low-spirited. One day she asked my help to sort out files, which she hadn’t had the courage to face. They concerned her divorce and the lives and deaths of her parents. The mountain of files dated back many years. She spent hours crying and sorting with me. She kept a few certificates and memorabilia, and incinerated the remainder. On my next visit, an enlivened, upbeat Felicity greeted me and couldn’t wait to tell me about her many trips out and about, how she had re- started many of her old activities, had been on a dowsing course and was now dowsing foods in the shops to see what she is allergic to, and much more.

I visited for a feng shui consultation. Her business was at a standstill and her relationship seemed to be going nowhere. Her home office was very well laid out, but there were piles of paper spread over every surface, books spilling out of the bookcase, To-Do lists stuck everywhere, and Charlotte sat at her desk with her shoulders and back bent forward, as though she had the world pressing down on her. Feng shui revealed that the office was located in South West – her relationships sector. Plenty of stuck energy in here, influencing stuck business and relationships. Charlotte put my recommendations into place and started decluttering at the same time. A few weeks later she told me that she had received four new work projects.

Brian had lived in his flat for over 50 years and was about to move into one room in a retirement home. He had many interests, books and memorabilia spread around, plus more belonging to his parents, and there was no space even to sit. Brian was very good at donating his books, ornaments, and old clothes, but piles of historical writings, diaries and artefacts needed to be sorted before moving into his one room. We did it, and one corner of Brian’s new room was given over to a little library of writings and memorabilia which he could spend time enjoying at leisure.

After his divorce, Emile moved half the contents of his house into a friend’s loft and workshop for temporary storage. He decided to move abroad and wanted to reduce his things by half. In the workshop his boxes and furniture were piled up and spread over every floor space, and the loft was crammed with his boxes. Emile stood looking at it all in utter despair. The workshop had just enough room to tackle one box at a time, and we eventually started to free up space. Then we dealt with the boxes from the loft. It was an emotional and exhausting experience for Emile, as he had to consider each item, along with its memories, let go of half and tidy the other half into boxes again. We finished with an empty loft and an orderly stack of boxes lining the workshop, with Emile standing in the middle of a big floor area, taking photographs, amazed at what had been achieved.

Janet wanted to move out quickly, as she had finally received an offer to buy her house. But she hadn’t yet found another home, so she was going to put most of her things in storage and retain a few suitcases to take with her to a friend’s. Janet didn’t know where to begin. When I visited, it was clear that her biggest issue was piles of files with years of paperwork. We set to on these, weeding out the old, re-filing the important papers and making new files.  Janet gathered momentum as space and order started appearing. Two large boxes were allocated to the remaining important files, leaving us a lovely free space to start leisurely on books, ornaments, clothes and other items. Janet breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the day. We celebrated with a glass of wine!

“When I sold my house I knew I needed some help in decluttering. I just didn’t know where to start. I had not only the normal clutter of everyday life but an enormous amount of paper work, from banks to old court cases and work stuff from my late husband. So I ‘hired’ Brenda and it was the best thing I could have done. She arrived early and set to on the paper work. It was fantastic. We got through all of it, throwing out an enormous amount, so that I was left with just the essentials. Obviously some of it was very personal and private and she would always ask before tearing up anything but in an amazingly unobtrusive way. I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from me.
I would thoroughly recommend Brenda to anyone who is feeling daunted by the very thought of clearing out their home. Sometimes you just need someone else to take the burden off you. It’s a wonderful relief.” — S.C. Sintra, Portugal

Areas of Work / Prices

Oxfordshire, Berkshire – £20 / hour

Minimum 3 hours (depending on location), plus travel costs.
50% payment in advance to confirm your booking.

If you would like to include a Feng Shui consultation, making a powerful trio of decluttering, please contact me for reduced fees

Please contact me for a chat about your needs. You may wish to include a feng shui consultation, making a powerful trio of decluttering, energy balancing with feng shui, and home organisation.