My Consultation Methods

I aim to create positive energy in your home or workplace, in which you gain a sense of empowerment, comfort and well-being.

During my evaluation, I send you a written report of each priority section below. Each explains my analyses and recommendation, so you can action certain aspects. At any stage, I welcome questions and discussion.

I combine all reports at the end of my evaluation, and send you one complete report. At the end of each room or area evaluation, I give you a summary of my recommendations, so you can easily see a list of actions to take.

I offer you 6-12 weeks’ follow-up after presenting my report, depending on your situation and requirements.


Predecessor energy.
This can affect a property and occupants negatively or positively, or not. Predecessor energy can come from the land on which the property stands, and from previous occupants of the property.

Clutter creates blocked, stuck energy, which creates stuck situations around any particular life area, and prevents feng shui remedies from being effective. 

Environment and surrounds.
These have a 70% influence on a property and occupants. If environmental feng shui is good, it will influence, positively, the energy inside the property. 

Front of the property.
The type of energy moving towards a property needs to be healthy and balanced. This energy has a strong influence on the health, opportunities and well-being of the whole property and occupants. 

Back of the property.
This represents support and protection of the property and occupants. If support is lacking, occupants may feel the same in their lives. The aim is to strengthen back support.

Good and weaker personal directions.
This aligns the person with his natural energy flow. This is more of a bonus, as good feng shui is the priority. 

Time energies.
Identify the current positive and negative energy influences on the property. 

Main entrance door.
This is the main entry of chi energy into a property. This needs to be healthy and in tune with the surrounding grounds. If the surroundings are yin, the entrance needs to be yang and vice-versa.

Entrance hall.
Chi accumulates here, ready to flow around the whole interior of the property. It needs to be healthy, otherwise unhealthy or weak chi moves through the property.

Each room and area in the property.
The aim is to create support, protection, balance, harmony and well-being.

When addressed in this order, with a balanced, healthy flow of chi energy as a priority, good feng shui can be achieved.


Feng Shui doesn’t provide a quick fix, although things may happen immediately. It aims for a gradual, profound, and permanent improvement. I ask you to carry out all recommendations I make, so that balance can be achieved. 


Feng Shui has many different tools and techniques. You must feel comfortable with any recommendations I make. If not, you create negative energy in your property through your own unease. It’s important for us to work together on solutions, so I need your feedback as we go along.


Classical Form & Compass Feng Shui (Environment & Building)
Analysis of the landscape, environment, surrounds and interior.

Xuan Kong Feng Shui (Time & Space)
Analysis of the energy from the cosmos which affects your property.

Eight Mansions (Personal directions)
Analysis of your personal good and bad directions, enabling you to align yourself with your natural energy flow, which will help to support and empower you.