Feng Shui Life Areas

 Balance in your personal surroundings brings balance to your body and life. With balance come optimum conditions for healing to begin, whether in your health, relationships, career, opportunities or any other life area.

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are the five elements, but also energies, that make up everything that exists, from a rock to a leaf to a person. Each element is linked to a compass sector and life area. When we suggest uncluttering, it is because the life area where the clutter is located will be affected negatively.

Life areas of the homeLoPan 1

North (Water): career, new beginnings, prospects, life’s journey.

NorthEast (Earth): self-improvement, wisdom, knowledge, studying, education, reflection.

East (Wood): health, vitality, family health, family relationships.

SouthEast (Wood): income, finances, abundance, prosperity, luck, opportunities, self-empowerment.

South (Fire): recognition in life, acknowledgement of efforts, reputation, fame, promotion.

SouthWest (Earth): love, romance, marriage, relationships generally.  SW also boosts the energy of the head female of the home.

West (Metal): creativity, new projects, fun, social life, children, conception, new possibilities.

NorthWest (Metal): business, travel, networking, leadership, mentors, helpful people, people who can help you move forward or give support.  This area also boosts the energy of the head male of the home.

Centre (Earth): balance, harmony, unity, overall health, energy, well-being, of all occupants of the property.

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