Year of the Rat Energy

25 January 2020 – 11 February 2021

A year is made up of a mix of elements. In 2020 we have Yang Metal over Yin Water Rat. Three different energies: Metal, Water, Rat.

There is much significance attached to the different elements, for the world, economy, finance, relationships and more, but my particular interest is in health and well-being. After all, without these, what quality of life do we have?

Metal is an energy that sheds the old, ready for the new, a bit like a tree losing its leaves ready for winter rest until spring brings new growth and life. So get rid of what no longer serves you, such as personal possessions, clothes, outdated ideas and even things, situations and people that don’t make you feel good.

Water is an energy that flows, and will always find a way to get where it wants to be, in spite of any rocks, trees or buildings in its way. So don’t stop, keep flowing, and find that new direction you seek.

The Rat is a creature that hoards, but as we all know, hoards of stuff create stuck energy, chaos and mind-fog. It stops progress, and the rat could end up running around chasing its tail.

But, the Rat is a shrewd, opportunistic animal with the willpower to thrive regardless of any difficulties or obstacles it encounters (similar to water always finding a way through). Determination, perseverance and action are the Rat’s key traits. So stop hoarding, and clear the energy around you.

So my message to you for 2020:  

  • If you have challenges to overcome, be like the rat, adapt to changes, make quick decisions, and alter your course if necessary. You need to find a way through these unpredictable times.
  • Be like the water element, adapting, flowing, finding a way through.
  • Be like the metal element and shed all your unwanted stuff (often called clutter). It will create space for clearer thinking and new ideas.

This is a most positive mix of three energies for a whole year. They can really benefit you. So get active like the Rat, shed stuff like Metal, and find a new direction and more opportunities like Water.

I wish you a very meaningful Year of the Rat.

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