Why does Feng Shui focus on Chi?

Because creating healthy chi is the priority in feng shui. We cannot see chi, but we can feel it. It’s like the concept of electricity. We can’t see it moving through the cables, but we touch a switch and get light. Chi is that feeling you get when you enter a property, or meet someone. You may feel good or bad. You are feeling the chi.

The chi in your personal space must feel good, and it must flow in a gentle, curving manner, weaving in, out and around areas. What happens to the chi in an area can manifest in the same manner in an occupant’s life. For example, unbalanced and badly-flowing chi in the South East area of a living space can manifest as non-existent finances and opportunities. Poor-quality chi in North of the home can affect one’s career.

The flow of chi is affected negatively by:

  • The wrong elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) in an area.
  • Poison arrows – corners, edges, tall menacing objects and similar.
  • Open, straight or long areas with nothing to stop the rush of chi.
  • Piles of things which do not get moved or tidied.
  • Too many things occupying an area.
  • and many other factors.

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