What Feng Shui Is Really All About

This is a much-asked question. Quite simply, feng shui changes the energy in your surroundings, making it healthy, balanced and free-flowing.

People absorb the energy that swirls around them. Good energy promotes a sense of overall well-being, optimism and motivation, and a boost of positivity to all aspects of their life. It helps to bring a person back into balance, usually with more vitality, a different perspective on situations, and often a new direction in their lives.

We all know that if we feel negative, things go wrong for us, and when we feel good, things start working for us.

Have you ever entered a room where people have been arguing, and it’s made you feel a bit down-hearted or even sick? You’re sensing and absorbing the energy in the room. Conversely, being in a room where there’s laughter and light-heartedness also rubs off on you, and makes you feel good. The knock-on effect is that you could end up feeling low-spirited, bad-tempered and irritable, even anxious or depressed, or feeling on top of the world and making others feel good too.

The quality of energy in a space is the key factor.  Feng shui assesses how the energy enters and moves around, whether it’s stuck or free-flowing, the effect of the environment on the building, the placement of your furniture and personal effects, the balance of yin and yang features, and the interaction of the five elements, which are energies, that make up everything that exists in your home, being water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

All this may sound overwhelming, but there are some simple, basic steps you can take to improve the energy around you, and start to benefit.

As you start applying feng shui, you will begin to notice a difference in the atmosphere in your home, and morale and energy levels in yourself. Although there are general rules, and for serious problems I recommend consulting an expert, feng shui is also about using your intuition, sensing if something is right or wrong, and using common sense too.

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