Hope in the Year of the Ox

In the year of the Ox, be patient, optimistic and persevering. 

2020 was simply awful for most people.

The year elements were Yang Metal over the Yang Water Rat. Yang metal is strong metal like a sword, and in 2020 it sliced through our personal and global foundations. And the Rat scuttled and rummaged around, unearthing everything below the surface of our lives and our reason to be.

On the negative side, we were shocked, devastated, lost loved ones, jobs, homes, our direction, and control of our lives. On the positive side, many of us were forced to shift our self-image, our daily patterns, uncover abilities we didn’t know we had, shake off the frills of life, and re-visit, re-think and improve on aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Yin and yang are always changingFeng Shui Yin and Yang.

When yin becomes extreme, yang is always there to take over, and vice versa. This t’ai chi symbol represents the duality of everything that exists – night and day, cold and hot, joy and sadness, light and dark, gentle and harsh. We cannot have one without the other. This is demonstrated by the white yang dot in the black yin part of the symbol, and the black yin dot in the white yang part. Yin or yang are always there, waiting to take over from each other and create balance.

We all know the saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining.’ This is yin and yang at work. Similarly, this past year, in extremely negative times, people were able to discover some positives.

But we really have had enough.

We want 2021 to bring some relief and a path through our many challenges. On 12th February 2021 we welcomed (well, we’ll know later on whether he was welcome) the Yin Earth Ox with Yin Metal on top.

Yin Metal is smaller, gentler metal like jewellery, but we mustn’t be fooled, because it also has a hard, cold centre and can rise to the attack when needed. But we can look fondly on the Ox to help us.

The Ox is strong, steady, reliable, patient.

He is a methodical plodder, unlike the Rat who rushes around. The Ox will take time to tread carefully through last year’sYear of the Ox | Feng Shui Way chaos, searching out the bits that are left on which he can build a different, but stable future. He inspires confidence and trust, so let’s hope he comes through for us this year.

The gentle, steady Ox energy can help us to make decisions, but simple, practical ones, commit to them and stick to them. Plod along confidently this year and make your goals reachable and reasonable, not impossible to achieve. Don’t look back with fear and doubt, and keep moving forward. The Ox will help you to clear a path through the confusion, chaos and uphill terrain. Trust the Ox and be optimistic. This year will start the healing process, even though we may still suffer some difficulties.

Earth supports Metal, in the Five Element Cycle.

This is a harmonious combination, so this year we may feel a little more at peace. The world may continue to experience Earth-related problems like earthquakes, landslides, flooding and traffic accidents, so take extra care on the road. Also, globally, the atmosphere will still feel somewhat bleak with continuing economic decline, international tensions and social unrest.

Health in 2021

My interest is in health, and I look to the five element energies to guide in the influences that the new year brings. We always need to boost our immune system to cope with our personal, social and global challenges, so let’s continue to make our health a priority.

Earth links to the digestive system and diabetes, so eat and drink healthily. Also essential are good eating habits, like chewing well, sitting up and not slouching, not eating on the run, no meal skipping, healthy snacks and everything else we know we should be doing, or not doing, to ensure digestive health.

Metal is linked to the lungs and skin. We will possibly continue with respiratory problems due to the virus, so abide by the restrictions, and keep safe. And if you are a smoker, do think about reducing or giving up.

Business in 2021

Just to finish up with a bit about business, as we have all suffered here. If yours is a Fire or Earth element business, you can make progress this year. If you are in a Metal, Water or Wood business, progress may be uphill, but not impossible. These elements are really energies which support or conflict, flourish or weaken, depending on the year.Year of the Ox Business Influences | Feng Shui Way

Here is an idea of some of these businesses:

Fire: entertainment, sports, restaurants, IT, computer, social media, blogging, fashion, beauty, creativity.

Earth: property, gardening, farming, ceramics, architecture, pets, archaeology.

Metal: automobiles, engineering, banking, accountancy, insurance, machinery, airlines, transport, jewellery.

Water: health care, healing, therapy, travel, tourism, fishing, shipping, transportation, communication.

Wood: textiles, books, writing, publishing, art, photography, furniture, gardening, nursing, teaching, environment, climate change.

Above all, remember that we have the Ox with us all year, helping us to have patience, optimism, perseverance, and moving ahead slowly and surely, clearing a steady path to where we want to be. I wish you a healthy and happy Ox year.

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