Feng Shui Your Car #5

Feng Shui Your Car #5 is about car parking.

Don’t park your car facing your home. As the car turns to face your home, it directs sha chi towards it from the bonnet and the headlights. Sha chi is particularly potent when aimed at your front door.

Sha chi is an unpleasant, attacking type of energy and can create discomfort for the occupants and unhealthy energy moving through the home via the front door.

Back into your driveway if possible and park the car facing away from your home to avoid the sha and so that you are not in the line of attack when you, personally, exit your front door. This will keep your mood positive and upbeat.

Apart from this, it’s less hassle to drive out forward and see what’s going on in front of you.

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Feng Shui Your Car #5 by Brenda Martin

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