Feng Shui Courses

I offer five feng shui courses through the
Come Alive School of Natural Health & Wellbeing:

Feng Shui Foundations
Feng Shui Practitioner Skills
Feng Shui Coaching
Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing

Feng Shui for Overall Health

Feng Shui Foundations
Approved by the Feng Shui Society

shutterstock_104156198-smallFascinating and enjoyable distance-learning course, starting at the beginning and finishing with confidently carrying out feng shui on a property. You have Brenda’s guidance throughout and can discuss your personal feng shui challenges with her. For more information, prices and enrolment, click here.

“I enjoyed every minute of this course. I found the information on the I Ching and Pa Kua most interesting. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. Brenda was encouraging, insightful, supportive, helpful, and always approachable. I’ve had a truly positive experience.”
— E.K. Newport, Wales  

Feng Shui Practitioner Skills

shutterstock_217929820-smallThis course guides in developing a deeper insight into feng shui,  a more intuitive approach, and building a good rapport with the people you are helping, with a strong focus on improving health and quality of life. For more information, prices and enrolment, click here.

“Thank you for the past year. You have given me a new lease of confidence, which is slowly getting stronger. Appreciation is very much given to you for this. I found all the courses I have undertaken to be very informative, enjoyable and concise. Brenda has been very supportive and I find her very easy to communicate with.”
— A.W. Portugal 

Feng Shui Coaching

shutterstock_20804650Every property is a different challenge and learning experience. Carry out feng shui on your own or another property, and Brenda will help you with guidance, support and ideas. For more information, prices and enrolment, click here.

“Brenda is a fantastic tutor, very helpful. I always felt I could ask any questions I needed. With her help I have started to use the skills I studied, and now have first-hand experience of the positive benefits of feng shui.”
— G.R. Eastleigh, England 

Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing

shutterstock_360075596Learn basic Feng Shui techniques, and how to draw up compass sectors on your property plan. You will know how to clear areas of stuck energy produced by clutter, then energise them, focusing on the areas of your life in which you want to make a positive change. A positive space-cleansing and balancing experience.  For more information, prices and enrolment, click here.

“I’ve really enjoyed this course and it’s made me look at my own home in a whole new way! Thank you. It’s really been a pleasure” 
— A.S. St.Jeannet, France

Feng Shui for Overall Health

shutterstock_328780028This course will teach you the basics of Feng Shui, drawing up the compass sectors on your property plan, and focusing on specific areas and techniques for clearing bad energy and enhancing your personal space to support health and wellbeing. A revitalising experience.For more information, prices and enrolment, click here.

“This was such an exciting course. It reinforced my love for feng shui. I am looking forward to continuing learning about this subject.” 
— M.B. Madrid, Spain

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