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Best Feng Shui Place To Sit

The best feng shui place to sit is where you have command over the room, which means good back support (a wall, a piece of furniture, or a high-back chair) and being able to see the door, facing the space in the room, and if possible, with a view of the window.

Do you sometimes avoid sitting in a particular place because you don’t feel comfortable there? It could be that you simply don’t like the atmosphere in the room, but mostly it’s because you are sitting in the wrong place. This can make you feel unsupported, unprotected, vulnerable, disturbed, or even distressed.

These are all undesirable seating positions:

Sitting with your back facing an empty space. You are unsupported and unprotected. Better to sit facing the space.

Sitting with the door somewhere behind you, unable to see it unless you turn around. You may feel vulnerable, as though somebody could creep up on you without your knowing it.

Sitting directly in line with the door. You are open to an assault of chi as it enters. It may be negative chi, but even positive chi can disturb you when it hits you with force.

Sitting between the door and window.  Chi rushes from a door to a window, unless there is anything to stop the rush. In this case, it’s you stopping it. You are under assault again.

Sitting with your back facing a window. Not so bad, but move if you feel uncomfortable. If you can’t, place some net curtains at the window. Place a plant underneath or at the window to deflect the chi.

A good seating position should make you feel supported, protected, comfortable and peaceful. There are some feng shui remedies to help you here, but the easiest remedy is simply to move your chair.

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Best Feng Shui Place To Sit | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant