Feng Shui

Feng shui helps you to reduce your bad times
and achieve more during your good times

Feng Shui’s roots are in the laws of nature, how energy flows and how it affects people. It works with the subtle energy (chi) in your surroundings, to create a support system for you, your health, relationships, work and quality of life.

You reflect the energy in your surroundings. If it’s poor-quality energy, it can show up in your life as things going wrong, disharmony, ill health, sleep problems, low energy, a sense that things are just not right.

Even if everything is going well for you, feng shui will cleanse the energy and create opportunities for better health and well-being, less stress, and more success.

Guy.WorryThat problem started when we moved in! usually means that the property is causing the problem. Clear signs are when things appear to go wrong regularly: ill health, arguments, misfortune, persistent frustrations, inertia, or feeling strange in certain rooms.

Balanced chi flow is the priority in feng shui. Chi flows around and through everything and everybody. Poor-flowing chi in our surroundings creates imbalance, which can make things function badly, including our bodily system, resulting in reduced morale, efficiency and well-being.

Restoring balance creates optimum conditions for the ‘healing process’ to kick-start in one’s surroundings, body, mind and life.

A Feng Shui Consultation assesses the exterior and interior of the property, and corrects and balances the Balance.Pebbles&Leafflow of chi. It supports and protects the property and its occupants, and aims to create happy, healthy and harmonious living and working.

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