Happy Clients!

I have to say Brenda I felt very good from within this weekend. Something has changed. I am definitely more supportive of myself. Thanks again for all the input you are helping me with. A.W. London, GB

I have a new job! An opportunity came out of nowhere! The opportunity has taken me into a managerial position with great opportunities to progress further. I.S Birmingham, GB

Thank you very much indeed! I really, really appreciate your prompt response. And thank you for the additional information— I’ve learnt a lot from you.  F.R. Jersey, GB

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you, it felt like we’d known you for years. Your warmth and calmness certainly helped us understand what needed to be done. We have been excitedly rearranging – it feels good. RS. Birmingham, GB

I found Brenda warm, curious, engaging and extremely knowledgeable. After reading about Feng Shui for several years, I knew that I needed a professional to help me in my new home. Her report was concise and detailed, clearly explaining the changes to implement and why. She patiently answered my questions, and I must share that each recommendation was relevant and profound. I highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking to improve the energy and flow of their home. She is a true gift! (You are really a gem, Brenda! Thank you so much). L.B. Oxford, GB

With our client base expanding across the globe we were keen to have guidance on Feng Shui and how it relates to our sculptures. Brenda arrived extremely well prepared and was professional and engaging. She expertly guided us through the positives and negatives of our sculptures and highlighted the key concepts of Feng Shui that we should be aware of for our future designs. A.B. Marketing, David Harber Ltd. Oxford, GB

Don’t buy a house without consulting with Brenda first! Her report is so complete and thorough. She gives suggestions for every room. What elements to include, which colours to add. When some rooms fall in unfortunate areas, she gives concrete examples of what to do to minimise the negative/draining energy. She was always available to answer any questions and responded quickly to emails. I will never buy a property from now on without consulting with her. We wanted to focus on creating a warm, comfortable home environment and with the help of Brenda, we were able to accomplish this. I don’t know how to say thank you. You have been absolutely great in helping us make the best of our new home. M.B. Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

It was such a pleasure meeting you. Thanks so much for your time and sharing your wonderful knowledge. S.V. Oxford, GB

Thank you again for your kindness and patience. You are an inspiration. Having read your brilliant report I wanted to let you know how much you have helped, impressed and inspired me. I have a favourite saying which I always repeat when we are discussing the flat, “Brenda says ….” It makes us smile. J.G. Algarve, Portugal

Brenda’s approach is gentle and without pressure, with time and freedom to make considered choices. It is an altogether freeing experience and I always look forward to her next visit. M.S. Abingdon GB

Brenda has a wonderful ability for creating space and for finding a place for everything one wants to keep. She has been to help me on several occasions. P.R. Oxford, GB

Thank you Brenda for being the person you are and an excellent Feng Shui consultant. You have expertise and experience, and are practical, wise and warm. All your recommendations and advice are clear and your website is comprehensive and beautifully presented. All aspects of the process gave me confidence that this was the right path for me. I now have the motivation to do what is needed. Two areas of concern for me, finances and relationships, have improved, and I have learnt that the most important relationship is the one with myself. Wishing you peace and abundance. G.R. Birmingham GB

Brenda was very clear when she explained how the consultation will work prior to the assignment, and was very patient as she collected details around the requirements of the consultation. She comes across as a very honest person. She appears to have thoroughly considered all details prior to delivering her report. Thank you very much. J.J. Reading, GB

I found Brenda’s advice really helpful. Everyone who visits says what wonderful energy the house has, how calm and relaxed they feel. What I like is she is open and flexible, not at all dogmatic and will find good compromises where necessary. I recommended her to a friend who was equally pleased with her advice. V.B. Algarve, Portugal

Brenda was very easy to speak to and sympathetic to all my concerns. I contacted her, as I had moved into my house a year ago and wanted it to be a happy and healthy environment. I was delighted with her report. It was very thorough, with suggestions for every room and providing a comprehensive or holistic view of any issues, both personal and of the house. Just making a few small changes feels refreshing. MM. Oxford, GB

You helped me with my business and home. Thank you, because, for the past couple of years my life has been getting better and things moving in the right direction. G.G. Fine Furniture Company, Loulé, Portugal

When I sold my house I knew I needed help in decluttering. I didn’t know where to start. I had normal everyday life clutter, but an enormous amount of paperwork from banks to old court cases and work stuff from my late husband. So I ‘hired’ Brenda and it was the best thing I could have done. She arrived early and set to on the paperwork. It was fantastic. We got through all of it, throwing out an enormous amount, so I was left with just the essentials. Obviously some of it was very personal and private and she would always ask before tearing up anything but in an amazingly unobtrusive way. I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from me. I would thoroughly recommend Brenda to anyone who is feeling daunted by the thought of clearing out their home. Sometimes you just need someone else to take the burden off you. It’s a wonderful relief. S.C. Sintra, Portugal

I loved the feng shui experience and learnt so much. We recently moved to a new area.  To make sure this was an area we wanted to remain in, we rented a property. However, we didn’t sleep well, we felt isolated and my partner’s business was not performing as it should. After some website hunting, I thankfully found Brenda. She initially sent me a fact sheet on what to expect and a questionnaire for me to complete which allowed her to prepare comprehensively before a physical visit.

During her visit Brenda made notes, took photographs and described potential remedies. This was followed up with a full report with the reasons for the remedies so I could actively engage in the remedies and choose pleasing object(s) as necessary. Some of the remedies were simply moving furniture around and others required a repositioning of objects I already had in the house. In fact, the only objects I bought were a couple of lovely colourful vases. Brenda also advised on where pictures we already had should be placed and why.

After her written report Brenda provides a 3 month period where you can ask questions and provide updates on where you are with the remedies.  I certainly made full use of this facility and found it invaluable. The energy and flow of the house has improved massively and this has been favourably commented on by various visitors.  We both sleep better and, as a result, have improved energy throughout the day.  Although it is early days in respect of the effect of the remedies on the business, we have certainly come across more helpful people than before and things are moving in the right direction. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Brenda’s services to you. C.D. Henley-on-Thames, GB

Dear Brenda, I thank you so much for what you have taught me.  I will forever be in gratitude for this. It is a thrill to know about feng shui. I have applied it to my home and business and it certainly works! A.T. California, USA

Thank you for a very helpful session. I am already feeling much more optimistic about my place, now we have a plan in place and I started to work on the decluttering last night. Your advice has been extremely valuable in helping me to create harmony and order in chaos, and my flat is looking and feeling a lot more like a place where I can live and work. M.R. Southampton, GB

I am starting to feel the effects from clutter clearing.  When I walk into my home the atmosphere feels lighter, my body weight has stabilised, and my worrying over work matters is lessening. All very positive happenings. K.R. Caroline Springs, Australia

Feng shui was a good investment for me – you can’t put a price on things going well in your life. I was concerned that I would need to make major changes but you always suggested a way around any problem to overcome it, which was great. I’m feeling much happier and more positive than I have in a long time. I’m sleeping much better which helps a good deal. My husband was worried about his impending redundancy, but he was approached by somebody in his company who was due to retire and said he would be good for his job! So he’s now doing a job he enjoys. It’s all very positive. C.J. Earley, GB

Thank you for all your help. I can’t believe how quickly this house came to feel like home. C.D. Weymouth, GB

I am loving the report, thank you so much. Going to review it in detail on the weekend and come back to you with any questions. So excited to put this into practice! K.S. Thame, GB

Brenda shared her professional advice based on years of knowledge and experience, with sensitivity and understanding. Just a few touches have resulted in a profound change achieved – results enjoyed by me and all those who visit day after day. Brenda, thank you for all your help in improving my home energy which contributes to positive influences on all areas of my life. It was well worth doing and I happily recommend you to others. K.M. Newbury, GB

Your consultation has been great value for money! Thanks for all your input Brenda. Within days of starting to clear my office I had four new offers of work!  Even better is that the increased workload has felt remarkably unstressful, though the work hasn’t stopped flowing in! The decluttering has had a great feel-good factor too – and your follow-up support has been excellent. P.G. Oxford, GB

I had a wonderful consultation with Brenda. She was warm and friendly and really took the time to listen to the issues we had with our house and what we were hoping to achieve through Feng Shui. She made lots of suggestions which we are really excited about putting into practice over the next few weeks. We both already feel calmer, knowing we are doing our best through Brenda’s recommendations, to improve the energy in our home. Thank you! A.K. Weston-on-the-Green, GB