Feng Shui Key Concepts

Feng shui means ‘wind’ and ‘water’. The Ancients noted how invisible energy ‘wind’ affected visible matter ‘water’.Shui - blackFeng - black

Yin and yang balanFs Yin Yangce is essential. Nothing works well without balance. Yin and yang represent the dual nature of everything that exists – light and dark, cold and hot, movement and stillness.

FS ElementsFrom studying the beauty and balance of nature, the Ancients noted invisible elements/energies at work in the environment – wood, fire, earth, metal, water, which combined to nourish, energise, destroy or weaken the energy in a space.

LoPan 1By studying the seasons and movement of the sun, each element was linked with a compass direction, and each of the nine directions related to a person’s life area – health, finances, relationships, career, self-development, vitality, creativity, opportunities and more.

A person’s birth data reveals good and bad directions (Eight Mansions) in which to sleep, work, relax. Using good directions brings a sense of peace, empowerment and well-being.

A property possesses permanent energies (flying stars) in each compass sector. At any moment in time, other energies enter, which interact with the permanent energies to enhance or weaken the energy and hence the life area.

Thus the relationship between energy (yin & yang), matter (five elements), space (eight directions) and time (flying stars) became evident. Getting the right interaction between all these energies creates balance.

Balance is essential

Restoring balance creates optimum conditions for the ‘healing process’ to kick-start in one’s surroundings, body, mind and life.

Applying the concepts

The environment, shape and structure of the property, its direction, décor, placement of objects and more, all combine to affect yin-yang balance, five element interaction, chi flow, and to produce a particular quality of energy which has a good or bad influence on the occupants.

Feng Shui Consultation

The consultation assesses the exterior and interior of the property, corrects the Balance.Pebbles&Leafflow of chi, and balances yin and yang and the elements/energies in the nine life areas. It supports and protects the property and its occupants, and aims to create happy, healthy and harmonious living and working.

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