Predecessor Energy Can Affect Relationships

Predecessor energy (chi) is the energy left behind from previous occupants of a building. This energy can be built up over many years and many occupants, and becomes embedded in the fabric of a property, in its wall, floors, fixture and fittings, furniture and any objects. The chi becomes stuck in the home.

Predecessor energy can be absorbed by present occupants, who can be affected by it in similar ways. If the energy at the time was extreme, such as traumas, financial difficulties, divorce, illness and so on, present occupants may go on to have similar issues.

Friends of mine moved to another house. After some months, the husband had an affair and wanted to leave his wife. I had feng shui’d their previous home, so she called me in to help with this one. Predecessor energy is always a priority in my feng shui evaluations, so I asked if she knew anything about former occupants of the house. Amongst other snippets of information, she said that the previous couple had divorced, also the couple before them.

This couple had not re-decorated the interior, and had inherited lots of stuff from the previous occupants. My recommendations were to do an initial in-depth spring-clean of everything, walls, floors, and more, pending re-decorating. Then she needed to cleanse thoroughly, or to chuck if really not needed, any inherited items. It took a lot of time to do this, but it was effective. The couple are still together 15 years on.

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