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Your Dog Year Lifestyle

Our Dog Year lifestyle is up for change this year, so keep it positive

The Year of the Dog began on February 16th 2018. The energy influences for 2018 are Yang Earth over Yang Earth, earth being the Dog’s element, which is also an energy. One would think that two dogs would create a healthy friendship, but they can also create huge challenges.

2016 was the Monkey. The energy was yang fire over metal, which influenced unpredictability and surprises, a nudge to take a risk and try something different.

2017 energy was the Rooster. This energy was yin fire over metal, being, amongst many other things, a wake-up call to get moving, optimistically, in a methodical and practical manner, taking advantage of any opportunities.

I went for Monkey energy in 2016 and stepped into the unknown. Fear of taking a risk turned into a breath of fresh air as I gained a different perspective, new ideas and new contacts. In 2017, I embraced the Rooster energy of thinking things through and planning, trying to be patient while my ground work created little yin fire sparks before eventually glowing brightly into opportunities in new areas.

Dog years bring positive and negative changes. From a health and wellbeing aspect, it’s the year for some lifestyle changes, as there could be challenges for the stomach, pancreas, spleen, digestion, muscles, and body cells. Look after these areas in 2018 to avoid any health issues. Focus on nutrient-rich foods and drinks, healthy digestion, using your muscles more, dealing with any over-thinking, worry and anxiety, and finding direction.

Earth also relates to grounding, centring, and stability. Try meditation and relaxation to create peace and balance. The Dog year is the very time to reflect on the past, on what worked and what didn’t, learn some lessons from it, and move in the right direction for yourself. Meditation and relaxation will help you to sense the right direction.

The Year of the Dog will bring a change in how we live our lives so keep it positive, stay away from junk food, smoking and stimulants, overcome any periods of melancholy, worry or isolation with some creativity. It’s in moments of loneliness and boredom that some of our best creative moments are born.

So don’t worry about any negatives. Just focus on the positive opportunities.

My very best wishes for your Dog year.

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