I Ching

IPHM Accredited Diploma Course

The I Ching distance-learning course shows how to consult this ancient oracle, make wise decisions in challenging situations, and restore balance and harmony through a change in perspective.I Ching Distance Learning Course

You will gain skills in identifying the forces at work in creating the situation and what needs to happen for an appropriate solution, which will be what you need, rather than what you want. 

The I Ching will always provide the opportunity to restore balance and harmony in any situation, and with balance comes a different perspective and often a different way in which to proceed in resolving problems.

The course teaches how to maintain respect for the I Ching as an ancient classic of wisdom and philosophy, with teachings that will always be relevant for the moment the I Ching is consulted. 

Optional final test paper leading to a Diploma in I Ching. 

Total Payment: £180.

This course is offered via my courses website, Come Alive. Please see here for the full course syllabus and payment facility.

I enjoyed the course very much. I feel that I have learnt a skill that can benefit me both personally and professionally and I look forward to putting my new knowledge to good use. G.R. Eastleigh, GB 

I consulted the I-Ching earlier this week asking if these people might buy our house – it came up with hexagram16 (enthusiasm/harmonize). Enthusiasm is an understatement!!! M.M. South Africa