Feng Shui Professional Practitioner Training

IPHM Accredited Diploma Course

Classical Feng Shui Professional Practitioner Diploma Course

1-on-1 Distance Learning with Skype/Zoom support

Become a feng shui practitioner, and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Feng Shui creates a nurturing, inspiring and healthy space in which people feel happy and fulfilled, with a sense that all is well with their world.

This course offers a common-sense, humanistic approach to classical feng shui, from the very beginning up to confident practice, ensuring that you completely understand, and know how to apply, the key concepts and principles, develop your intuition and empathy, get the feng shui right at every step of the way, and ensure that your clients feel positive, uplifted and fulfilled.Feng Shui Professional Practitioner Distance Learning Course

You work on 4 properties your own, two floor plans during the course, and another for your final.

These will give you experience, knowledge and confidence.

Ask as many questions as you wish during the course, and your tutor will always respond quickly and in detail. Dialogue and continuous support, guidance and clarification are on-going. Skype or Zoom support available.

At the end of the course, you will have insight into the effects and remedying of subtle energy in a building and its surrounds, know how to restore balance and harmony to the energy flow in any space, how to set up your practice, deal with clients, write up your final report, and above all, gain a tremendous sense of personal achievement.

Qualification: Upon successful completion of the course and a final exam, you will receive a Diploma, and be eligible to join International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine as a professional practitioner. 

No previous experience or knowledge to start this course. You will learn everything you need to know about Classical Form and Compass Feng Shui, and the basics of Flying Star (Xuan Kong) Feng Shui.

You need to devote time to study, practise, and read around the subject. Recommended reading is provided for its strong support to this Classical Feng Shui course.

The course is written by a feng shui expert of 20 years’ experience, with examples of her own client and property experiences. Brenda Martin, accredited consultant of the Feng Shui Society, trained with Grand Master Raymond Lo, world-leading expert in Feng Shui. Brenda gives you continuous support and welcomes your personal feng shui questions and challenges as you go along. 

The course was very good!! I am now confident to be a fengshui practitioner. Brenda was great and so patient with me! I asked a lot of tricky questions because I was eager to learn as much possible how I can help clients with certain problems. Brenda was very helpful with her clear explanations. Also very fast in responding. Thank you! S.C. Hautefor, France

Payment Options
Total Payment: £680. Instalment options available.

For the detailed syllabus, and to pay and enrol in the course, please pop over to my Come Alive website