Feng Shui Foundations

IPHM Accredited Diploma CourseFeng Shui Foundations | Accredited Distance-Learning Course | Feng Shui Way

This feng shui course will spark your potential to feel alive, clear-minded, full of energy, with an overall sense of well-being.

Learn what classical feng shui is all about, and how to apply its key principles and techniques to balance and revitalise the energy channels in your surroundings, in you, and in your life. Feng Shui Foundation, Distance Learning Course

You build up your knowledge of feng shui and practise as you go along, finishing with a multi-layered tool kit to draw up your property plans, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the property, disperse negative energy, create positive energy and provide solutions to many challenging situations, and ultimately benefit you and everyone who lives in the property.

You start on your own property from Module 1 and, by the end of the course, you will know how to make feng shui work for you. 

You may complete the course with your final module, or do a final test paper leading to a Diploma in Feng Shui Foundations. 

“Thank you for the wonderful course. I have enjoyed it immensely. It is well thought out and easy to understand. I have already made changes in the lives of my friends. I am also using the principles of Feng Shui in my everyday work even more than before.” –  J.T. Queensland, Australia

The course is written by a feng shui expert, with examples of her own client experiences. Brenda Martin, accredited consultant of the Feng Shui Society, trained with Grand Master Raymond Lo, world leading expert in Feng Shui. Brenda gives you 

Feng Shui Foundations | Distance Learning Course | Brenda Martin FSSA

continuous support and welcomes your personal feng shui questions and challenges as you go along.   

Payment OptionsInstalments: 1 x £50 | 6 x £39 during the course.
Total Payment: £284, plus a voucher towards the price of your next course.

This course is offered via my courses website, Come Alive. Please see here for the full course syllabus and payment facility.


“This was a great experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It’s given me a great insight into feng shui. I’ve read lots of books on the topic and I found the content well pitched and clear. I really appreciated the feedback and being able to ask questions. Doing a remote course is a bit of a gamble but I’ve been really pleased. Don’t change a thing!” — J.B. Leamington Spa, UK

“I very much enjoyed the course. It was great and so interesting. Being new to feng shui I learnt the fundamentals and followed the course really smoothly. My knowledge built up as I progressed without any jumps or struggles. Time was taken to fully answer my questions in detail and I felt I could ask Brenda anything. The time in which work was marked and emailed back was really fast and allowed me to continue the course at the pace I wanted. Thanks Brenda, you’re great. I have made improvements to my own house and living. My house is a lot cleaner for one! I have definitely benefited.”  — S.P. Wolverhampton, UK

“The course allowed me to study in my own time frame, whilst continuing to balance my work and home life. Studying with your School was most positive. I took a huge amount out of each module and could easily use and adapt the information to identify and implement changes within my own life and home. The remedies used have certainly shown positive results for me. Thank you Brenda for your continued support…… and patience!!!!!” — N.M. Bearsden, UK

“I AM LOVING THIS COURSE!!!  Tutor support is FANTASTIC!!  Brenda is very helpful and always takes the time to answer my questions and doubts in detail. Your course has proven to be the best in many ways.  I’ve done three other correspondence courses over the past ten years (colour therapy, parapsychology and TEFL) and have found the level of the courses and the support superior here. Thanks for everything.” — L.S. Girona, Spain

“Dear Brenda, I thank you so much for the valuable course you taught me.  I will forever be in gratitude for this.  It is a thrill to know about feng shui.  I have applied this knowledge to my home and business and it certainly works!”  — A.T. California, USA

“I found the course extremely enjoyable, and all so interesting that each lesson I read I wanted to  know more. What I appreciated the most was working at  my own pace.  This was very useful for me because I have a big family and lots of commitments. Thank you for this flexibility. There was a lot of the information that I found very logical because I think very naturally and have great respect for nature – but it was excellent to analyze it and perfect it. I worked very much on my own and the only time I did have questions, Brenda responded right away and very clearly. I enjoyed the mutual respect. Once again, thanks.” — P.S. Mexico 

“Thank you very much for my diploma and all your help throughout the course which I enjoyed very much. This was the best distance course I’ve ever taken. I always got a very kind and helpful answer from my tutor whenever I needed it. I can now apply feng shui in my life and put it into practice.” — M.T. Zurich, Switzerland

“Thank you for an excellent course.  I value my certificate very much.” — T.K.W. Sarawak, Malaysia

“I found the courses I have undertaken to be very informative, enjoyable and concise.  Brenda has been very supportive with me and I find her very easy to communicate with. My own lack of self-confidence has been helped by the courses and positive feedback from my tutor.  Thank you for enabling me to move forward in my life.” 
— A.W. Portugal

“The course presented the subject at a really useful level. I knew very little about it, so I found the teaching support really valuable. The way the course was presented made me actually put the learning into action which was very exciting! I’ve recommended you to all my friends. Many thanks!” — K.S. Taunton, UK 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and been totally inspired by it. Feng shui has taken over my life! I even look at wallpaper patterns and fabrics in terms of where they could be used now, and a graphic designer sent me a dummy earlier today of an advert for my business in which the writing looked strangled by lines above and below it. Extraordinary!  Tutor guidance is the best bit about the course in my view, and invaluable with the myriad of questions that come up. The course flowed from lesson to lesson and built up in knowledge well, allowing me to experiment and review my own home as we went along. It’s left me hungry for more! I recommend it.” — S.P. Charsfield, UK 

“Thank you for my certificate which arrived today; I am absolutely thrilled with the results!! It is now proudly framed on my mantelpiece in the north/career area of my living room. I think this qualification means more to me than my degree. It’s been a great and literally life-changing experience.  I now have key skills which will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life and from which I have personally witnessed the benefit, and I hope to employ them to inspire others as well.  Brenda has been a fantastic tutor; very supportive with great advice and suggestions. It’s been a pleasure to be her student.” — E.B. Norfolk, UK