Feng Shui for Health

IPHM Accredited Certificate CourseFeng Shui for Health | Accredited Distance-Learning Course | Feng Shui Way

Learn the key principles of feng shui and how to divide your home into compass sectors, each one relating to an area of your life, the East sector being associated with health.

You will know how to cleanse and energise all areas of your living space, focusing particularly on health and wellness.

You are a reflection of your surroundings because you absorb the energy flowing around you. If the energy is stale, poor-quality, unbalanced and negative, you will probably feel the same, meaning generally out of sorts, and small persistent illness can start up and stick around. Feng Shui can make the energy around you healthy and positive, and give a powerful boost to your own health and wellbeing.

This course is a revitalising experience.Feng Shui for Health | Accredited Distance Learning Course | Feng Shui Way

Optional final test paper leading to a Certificate in Feng Shui for Health.

“This was such an exciting course. It reinforced my love for feng shui. I learnt in more detail how to create good chi in my home by paying particular attention to which direction each room in my home corresponds to and learnt how to enhance its elements. This allowed me to create an overall feeling of wellbeing throughout my home. Clearing clutter was something I was already applying to my home and reaping its magical impact. I quickly understood and felt the huge difference it made in how I felt and I was hooked. Whenever I feel low and can’t quite figure out what is going on, I go on a clutter-clearing spree and it instantly uplifts me and everyone in my environment. This has been a great course that has helped me put into practice all I’ve learned. As a result, we are a happier, a healthier family that love being in our home. ” — M.B. Madrid, Spain

The course is written by a feng shui expert. Brenda Martin, accredited consultant of the Feng Shui Society, trained with GrandFeng Shui for Health | Accredited Distance Learning Course | Brenda Martin FSSA & Grand Master Raymond Lo Master Raymond Lo, world leading expert in Feng Shui. Brenda gives you continuous support and welcomes your personal feng shui questions and challenges as you go along. The course is accredited by IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

Payment Options
Instalments: 1 x £45 | 1 x £40 during the course.
Total Payment: £85, plus a voucher towards the price of your next course.

This course is offered via my courses website, Come Alive. Please see here for the full course syllabus and payment facility.