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Feng Shui Professional Practitioner Training  £650
Make a positive difference in people’s lives by creating a nurturing, inspiring and healthy space in which people feel happy and fulfilled, with a sense that all is well with their world. Feng shui from the beginning to confident practice, how to set up your practice, deal with clients, write up your final report, and gain a tremendous sense of personal achievement. Full details click here.

A very pleasurable experience. Not once did I not want to study at 6am! I have benefited in many ways. It has helped me focus on a positive thing while dealing with the after-effects of grief. It has furthered my knowledge to work more with nature and has given me more insight and scope for learning. I can expand my holistic repertoire every year. Many thanks for being so accommodating. I really appreciate all your help. B.P. Stoke-on-Trent, UK 

Feng Shui Foundations   £284
and enjoyable, from the beginning to confident feng shui. Brenda guides you throughout and will discuss your personal feng shui challenges with you. Full details click here.

I enjoyed every minute of this course. I found the information on the I Ching and Pa Kua most interesting. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. Brenda was encouraging, insightful, supportive, helpful, and always approachable. I’ve had a truly positive experience. E.K. Newport, Wales  

Clutter Clearing  £150
Tidy up your life, clear your mind and increase your energy. An effective structure for clearing clutter, keeping you motivated, and ensuring a positive buzz of energy. Full details click here.

This course was a great experience and a wonderful foundation to my work. I feel more confident and excited to help others. When I help clients to clear their clutter, I usually feel a huge surge of energy to clear out any stagnant energy in my own world. Your reminder about my own energy care was most welcome. It’s so nice to have you and your experience helping me along. Thank you!!! D.F. Washington, USA

I Ching  £180
The I Ching offers balance and harmony to any situation. Balance brings a different perspective and often a different way to resolve problems. You learn respect for the I Ching as an ancient classic of wisdom and philosophy, with teachings that are relevant for the moment it is consulted. Full details click here.

This is really a fascinating course. I am glad I decided to do it, as it keeps me focused and hopefully going in the right direction. J.W. Dorset, UK