Feng Shui Practitioner Skills | Distance Learning Course

This Feng Shui Practitioner Skills course takes you deeper into feng shui, with a wealth of information on health improvement and a more holistic Feng Shui Practitioner Skills | Distance Learning Courseapproach. You learn how negative energy affects people, how your thoughts create your reality, and how to use intuition and inner feng shui for positivity, personal development and improved wellbeing.

You will gain skills in sensing energy and applying your feng shui knowledge of the key concepts at a deeper level, making your feng shui practice more personally meaningful.

You will be applying feng shui from the first module and finishing the course with a given property on which to use all your feng shui tools and techniques.

You may complete the course with your final module, or proceed to a final test paper leading to a Diploma in Feng Shui Practitioner Skills.

The course is accredited by IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

“Enjoyable, fun and very enlightening. I now have a far better understanding of how people’s probems manifest themselves in their homes, and vice versa! I will never be able to look at a person’s home in the same way again!” 
— M.M. Western Cape, South Africa

“Feng Shui has raised my awareness to my surroundings and the people I meet to a much higher level, so that now I can avoid things that affect my personal energy level, making me more balanced in a health sense. ” 
— S.P. Charsfield, UK

“I have enjoyed the course very much and it has inspired me to look towards a new career. I could post a message to you at any time and response was always really quick and helpful. A big thank you Brenda for your co-operation, support and encouraging comments. I have really enjoyed studying with you.”
— M.T. Zurich

“I would like to thank everyone involved in this course for their hard work and dedication to the job of extending the knowledge of feng shui to the world.  I hope, as pupils, we all do justice to this.”
— S.L. Corfu, Greece

“I have very much enjoyed both my feng shui courses and it’s sad for my studies to have come to an end after nearly two years of being in my life! I feel very confident that I can go into any building and know what to tune into, in order to help the client enjoy a more positive life.  Everywhere I go now I appraise areas with Feng Shui eyes. I had my parents move an ornament of a pair of children fighting from their hall to help alleviate their constant bickering!  Thank you so much for everything”
— L.M. Birmingham, UK 

What you will learn in this course:


  • Feng shui your home in 12 steps
  • Chi: the dragon’s cosmic breath
  • Sheng chi & sha chi
  • Creating good chi in the home
  • Surrounding environment
  • Front of property


  • Back of property
  • Water, Lighting
  • Tortoise, dragon, tiger, phoenix
  • Main entrance door
  • Creating good chi in the home
  • Windows, Doors
  • Feng shui practice


  • Entrance hall
  • Intuition
  • Left & right brain function
  • Developing your intuition
  • Three levels of consciousness
  • Meditation
  • Change the energy, change your life


  • Your life & home reflect each other
  • Changing your energy
  • Clearing clutter, Becoming organised
  • Creating simplicity
  • Re-programming negative beliefs
  • Releasing negativity
  • Creating abundance
  • Room colours


  • Health & Relationships
  • The bedroom
  • Bedroom location, Bed types, 
  • Headboards, Bed positions
  • Beds & windows
  • Beams, slopes, points
  • Decor, Bedroom clutter


  • Combining feng shui & medical treatment
  • Maintaining health
  • Helping sick people
  • How to locate geopathic stress
  • Electromagnetic stress
  • Common feng shui remedies


  • Becoming a feng shui practitioner
  • The feng shui consultant
  • Setting your goals, Creating an impression
  • Home visiting
  • Time management
  • Consultation fees
  • Client records, Insurance


  • Accounts
  • Dealing with clients
  • Problem areas
  • Marketing your practice
  • Professional & support groups
  • CPD
  • Standards of conduct & practice

Payment Options

Please note your payment is processed through my company and will show up under the School of Natural Health & Wellbeing Ltd.
For payment by instalments, or in full, you can also hop across to Come Alive School of Natural Health & Well-Being to pay. Click here.

Online Course: £225

Postal Course: £241