Feng Shui Coaching & Consultation

Feng Shui Coaching | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant & Trainer | Oxford & PortugalFeng Shui Consultation and Coaching to boost your knowledge, experience and confidence.

Apply your feng shui knowledge, with expert guidance along the way. 

Every property has different challenges, from its shape and location, to the issues the occupants are experiencing in the property.

This is an excellent opportunity to make your feng shui evaluations a profound and effective learning experience and gain a Certificate in Feng Shui Evaluation.

Your training is accredited by IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.



You will be guided through your assessment of your chosen property, using all your acquired tools and techniques. This will be done online, on a one-on-one basis with me. I will be with you every step of the way, from drawing up plans to assessing the interior and exterior of the property and environment, making recommendations to remedy, and finally compiling a report of your assessment. £160.


You select a property. You may consult me every step of the way while you are marking the plans, assessing the property and recommending remedies. You will compile notes and photographs of each area of the property interior and exterior as you go along. I will coach you continuously. You will compile a client report, with your observations and recommendations. I will comment and guide on this.  On a mutually agreed date, we will meet up and spend 4-5 hours together, looking over the property and discussing further feng shui details and anything else you wish to cover.

The price will include coaching, 4-5 hours’ attendance, travel costs. Please ask me for a quotation.


You select a property, such as your own home. Together, we will mark the plans, assess the occupants’ birth data, the environment, and the interior and exterior of the property on the basis of information and photographs provided by you. You will receive my Feng Shui Guide in advance of the consultation. You and I will carry out a feng shui consultation on the property, which will include on-going mentoring by me. There will be 4-5 hours of consultation and mentoring during and after the consultation.

This is an opportunity to have an expert feng shui consultation on your chosen property, together with practising all the tools and techniques you have learnt, and being able to compile a comprehensive report for a potential client.  
The price will include coaching before, during and after the consultation, and travel costs. Please ask me for a quotation.

“I have been a student with the School of Natural Health & WellBeing for many years, and have successfully completed all three Feng Shui courses. The material is comprehensive, easy to follow and enjoyable to read. Brenda is a fantastic tutor, very helpful and I always felt I could ask any questions I needed. With her help I have started to use the skills I studied, and now have first-hand experience of the positive benefits of feng shui.” 
— G.R. Eastleigh, UK

“I found the courses to be very informative, enjoyable and concise. Brenda has been very supportive and I find her very easy to communicate with. My own lack of self-confidence has been helped by the courses and positive feedback. Thank you for enabling me to move forward in my life.” 
— A.W. Portugal

“A very pleasurable experience.  Not once did I not want to study at 6am!  I think the best way to study is to keep to a strict schedule and methodically work through. I feel if I had longer interval breaks, I may have had to re-cap a lot of information.  I have benefited in many ways. It has helped me focus on a positive thing while dealing with the after effects of grief. It has furthered my knowledge to work more with nature and has given me more insight and scope for learning.  I can expand my holistic repertoire every year. Many thanks for being so accommodating.  I really appreciate all your help.”
— B.P. Stoke-on-Trent, UK


Please contact Brenda for payment details.