Clutter Clearing | Distance Learning Course

Amazing Clutter Clearing course that will help you to tidy up your life, clear your mind and increase your energy. You start dealing with your clutter from the first module.

You absorb and reflect the energy that flows around you. The energy around clutter is stuck and stale, so your life could start sticking (lacking momentum, going nowhere), your body could become sluggish (poor posture, weight gain, tired), and you could develop congestive health problems (colds, chest infections, headaches).

Clutter Clearing | Distance Learning CourseThe course provides an effective structure to clutter clearing, then dispersing the stale energy afterwards, so that the process does not overwhelm or tire you, but keeps you motivated and enthusiastic. You will soon see and feel a difference in yourself and your surroundings. You can achieve a sense of freedom, an energy buzz, a clear mind and plenty of motivation to keep clutter clearing and also to get things moving in your life, and there are plenty of tips for keeping clear of clutter in the future.

The more you clutter-clear, the more you will want to simplify your life, get rid of chaos and complications  and feel more in control.

The Online Mail once reported that couples regularly argue over their home having too much stuff in it. Sometimes they ‘accidentally’ break the partner’s possessions to be able to bin them. Don’t get to this stage! 

1 uncluttered area each week = 52 in a year. That’s real progress. Do enrol and get started!

Optional final test paper leading to a Certificate in Clutter Clearing & Space Clearing.

“This course was a great experience and a wonderful foundation to my work. I feel more confident and excited to help others. When I help clients to clear their clutter, I usually feel a huge surge of energy to clear out any stagnant energy in my own world. Your reminder about my own energy care was most welcome. It’s so nice to have you and your experience helping me along. Thank you!!!” 
— D.F. Washington, USA

“I am starting to feel the effects from the clutter clearing.  When I walk into my home the atmosphere feels lighter, my body weight has stabilised, and my worrying over work matters is lessening. All very positive happenings.” 
— K.R. Caroline Springs, Australia 

“I really enjoyed the course and found it enormously thought-provoking and beneficial.  I am usually good at clearing out physical items, but I’ve learnt that clutter can be emotional too. Since doing the course I have been reviewing lots of outdated and unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns in my own life and am clearing out my ‘mental clutter’ so I wanted to thank you for this inspiration!” 
— E.B. Norfolk, UK

“I have been clearing my clutter for years, but this course has re-kindled my enthusiasm to re-examine my things and attachments. I am definitely more focused and energetic. I have lost ten pounds over the last couple of months and believe it or not, my eyesight has improved. It is my hope to help others who struggle with clutter by starting my own home based business.”
— M.L. Virginia, USA


  • what clutter clearing is
  • your personal energy
  • the aura
  • how to recognize clutter


MODULE 2                                          

  • how clutter affects you
  • why you have clutter



MODULE 3                                          

  • beliefs about having it all
  • clutter in important places
  • letting go of your clutter

MODULE 4                                          

  • identifying your clutter
  • locating your clutter
  • clearing your clutter

MODULE 5                                          

  • clutter clearing tools
  • clutter clearing in action
  • how to keep clear of clutter in the future
  • space clearing
  • creating your auric protection

Payment Options

If you choose to pay in instalments, please pay the 1st instalment shown below. Remaining instalments of 2 x £38 can be paid at intervals during the course.

Please note your payment is processed through my company and will show up under the School of Natural Health & Wellbeing Ltd.
For payment by instalments, or in full, you can also hop across to Come Alive School of Natural Health & Wellbeing to pay. Click here.

Online Course: £150.00

Postal Course: £160