Feng Shui Consultation

A Feng Shui Consultation identifies and helps to solve the possible causes of your problems, and works towards achieving your goals. I analyse how yFeng Shui Consultation | Brenda Martin FSSA | Oxford & Portugalou link to your property, the type of energy affecting you, and how the interior and exterior of the property can be arranged for a healthy and positive energy flow. My aim is to help you resolve problems, work towards goals and achieve a positive outcome. 

HOME: it helps to create family harmony, better health, more energy, well-being and success in all areas of life.

“I was concerned that I would need to make major changes, but you always suggested a way round any problem to overcome it, which was great. I’m feeling much happier and positive than I have in a long time. I’m sleeping much better which helps a good deal. My husband was worried about his impending redundancy, but he was approached by somebody in his company who was due to retire and said he would be good for his job! So he’s now doing a job he enjoys. It’s all very positive. Feng shui was a good investment for me – you can’t put a price on things going well in your life.”
— C.J. Earley, UK

“The principles of classical Feng Shui are ancient and yet relevant to contemporary living. I was looking for someone with this knowledge and vision. Brenda has expertise and experience. She is practical, wise and warm. The consultation process with Brenda begins well before the home visit and continues beyond it. Brenda understood my concerns and advised specific changes which were simple and inexpensive. Her guidance notes and report are clear and precise with photographs throughout. Brenda answered all my questions promptly and in detail. She has given me a home that flows with healthy chi. Thank you is not enough.”
— G.R. Birmingham UK

WORKPLACE: it creates an harmonious and supportive working environment, improving opportunities for success. It helps to reduce stress and encourages good relationships, clarity of mind and direction.

“You helped me with my business and home in Loule. Thank you, because, for the past couple of years my life has been getting better and things moving in the right direction.” 
— G.G. Fine Furniture Company, Loulé, Portugal

The Consultation

Client confidentiality is strictly maintained.

    • Interview with you by email or telephone.
    • Preparation & analysis before visit, based on information from you.
    • Email/Telephone exchanges, to apply information accurately.
    • 2-3 hour visit to your property.
    • Written report with plans & photographs.
    • 3 months’ follow-up advice as required.


    • My Feng Shui Guide & Tips in advance.
    • Discussion of your problems and goals.
    • Compass reading and energy analysis.
    • Interpretation of your birth data.
    • Charting of your good and bad directions
    • Analysis of your property inside and outside.
    • Tips on plants, colours, paintings, mirrors.
    • Tips for boosting personal energy, calming tension, improving health.
    • Clutter clearing guidance.
    • Advice on reducing electro-stress.

Price: From £180 depending on the property size and location, to include my Feng Shui Guide, travel, visit, written report, 3 months’ ongoing advice.
Terms: Payment of 50% in advance for preparation, analysis & travel. Final 50% during my visit.
Please contact me for a quotation.

“Brenda was very clear when she explained how the consultation will work prior to the assignment, and was very patient as she collected details around the requirements of the consultation. She comes across as a very honest person. She appears to have thoroughly considered all details prior to delivering her report. Thank you very much.”
— J.J. Reading, UK


When your 3-months’ free follow-up has ended, I am available for continued help.

For a follow-up visit: £115 plus travel costs. Please ask me for a quotation.
For a follow-up by Skype/Email: £50 for 1 month’s help.
Terms: Payment in advance by bank transfer,
or pop across to Come Alive to pay by credit card/Paypal – click here, scroll down to Feng Shui Consultation and select 1 Month’s FollowUp £50.

“Thanks for all your input Brenda. Your consultation has been great value for money! Within days of starting to clear my office I had four new offers of work!  Even better is that the increased workload has felt remarkably unstressful, though the work hasn’t stopped flowing in! The decluttering has had a great feel-good factor too – and your follow-up support has been excellent.”
— P.G. Oxford, UK


Remote / Distance Consultation

    • Includes all the above, except a visit.
    • Compass reading taken by you and guided by me, if necessary.
    • All telephone communication is at my cost.
    • Photographs & property plan essential.

Click here for full details.

Price: From £130, depending on property size, to include my Feng Shui Guide, written report and 3 months’ ongoing advice.
Terms: Payment of 50% in advance. Final 50% when my written report is ready.
Please contact me for a quotation.

“Don’t buy a house without consulting with Brenda first! Her report is so complete and thorough. She gives suggestions for every room. What elements to include, which colours to add. When some rooms fall in unfortunate areas, she gives concrete examples of what to do to minimise the negative/draining energy. She was always available to answer any questions and responded quickly to emails. I will never buy a property from now on without consulting with her. We wanted to focus on creating a warm, comfortable home environment and with the help of Brenda, we were able to accomplish this.”
— M.B. Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain 


Overview Before Buying or Renting

    • I help you choose well at the start.
    • Ensure that the design and directions of your building support you in happy and healthy living and working.
    • I will need the property address, floor plan, photographs of the outside of the property, your birth data, and information on your goals and challenges.

Price: £115 per property, to include written report.
Terms: Payment in advance by bank transfer
or pop across to Come Alive to pay by credit card/Paypal – click here, scroll down to Feng Shui Consultation and select Overview £115.

If you go ahead with the property and would like a full consultation on it, I will discount £50 from your full consultation fee.

“Brenda shared her professional advice based on years of knowledge and experience, with sensitivity and understanding. Just a few touches have resulted in a profound change achieved – results enjoyed by me and all those who visit day after day. Brenda, thank you for all your help in improving my home energy which contributes to positive influences on all areas of my life. It was well worth doing and I happily recommend you to others.”
— K.M. Newbury, UK


Guide To Your Ideal Property
(What to look for in a property and its environment)

I outline the benefits and pitfalls of a property, its surroundings and environment, and how you, personally, can slot comfortably into the energy of a property. A healthy environment ensures 70% of good feng shui for a property. Good location and healthy chi flow ensure happy and healthy living. This is the best way to find your ideal property, right at the beginning, before committing.    

The Guide includes your personal good and unfavourable directions, and will focus on supporting your life aspirations. I will ask you for your birth data, and information on your goals and challenges.                                     

Price: £115 for your written report.
Terms: Payment in advance by bank transfer
or pop across to Come Alive to pay by credit card/Paypal – click here, scroll down to Feng Shui Consultation and select Property Guide £115.

Areas of Work

UK: Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Midlands
Portugal: Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Algarve
Global: Remote / Distance / Overview / Guide

For information on my aims and the Feng Shui methods used, click here.
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Please note that Clutter Clearing guidance forms part of my Feng Shui consultation.