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Space Clear The Bad Energy

Whatever happens in a room or home is absorbed by the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, objects, plants and everything else in it. If previous occupants had problems, such as financial, divorce, illness, disharmony, or the business suffered, the negative energies created by the thoughts, feelings and behaviour of the occupants remain in the space or object and can affect future occupants and businesses. Repetitive patterns, moods and atmospheres get deeply imprinted in the very fabric of a building and swirl around in the surrounding space, possibly causing similar problems for future occupants. If your home or a room makes you feel depressed or strange in any way, you could be sensing energy left behind from a previous event or trauma.

New occupants of a house were having marital problems. They had bought the house from a couple who were divorcing. They discovered that two other sets of previous occupants had also divorced. So this house probably had a stuck energy of disharmony in it.

  • How do you feel after being with really happy people?
  • How do you feel in a room where people have been arguing?
  • Can you sense the energy?

Whether or not you are able to find out what happened to previous occupants of a property before you move in, at least space-clear before moving in. This will help to shift and disperse stuck energy.

Energy gets stuck in corners and small spaces. Imagine a corner full of cobwebs and glue!  They stick to you too as you pass nearby. Space-clearing disperses stuck energies and gets them free-flowing again. It’s simple and you don’t need expensive equipment, only a vacuum cleaner, open windows, candles, incense and something to make a noise, like a bell or drum.

Space-clearing is good to do

  • When you move to a new home.
  • To cleanse and energise it.
  • To clear predecessor energy.
  • After an illness or death.
  • Or to change the atmosphere.

After clutter-clearing and space-clearing, people are better able to manifest what they want in their lives. They experience clarity, vitality and energy. They feel they can move forward in life with greater ease and their home or room feels peaceful, balanced and energised. Feel better about yourself and life, and cleanse the energy now! 

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Space Clear The Bad Energy | Brenda Martin | Feng Shui Consultant