Feng Shui your Bags and Briefcase

Feng Shui your Bags and Briefcase

Feng shui your bags and briefcases, and feel a sense of freedom and satisfaction. Do you have to rummage around in them, or take things out of them, to find the one thing you want? How often do you tip everything out to chuck, declutter, simplify, tidy up, and reduce some of that weight?

If you’d like an energy buzz, a mental workout, feel liberated, breathe better and get a sense of overall well-being, then tip out the contents of your bags. Please read the next paragraphs before attacking the contents, so that you are focused, and motivated about why you are doing this.

The key to good feng shui is free-flowing, balanced, healthy chi, everywhere around you. A handbag, for instance, is usually near to you for lengthy periods, so you have clutter vibes attacking you regularly.

What are these vibes?

Clutter has a stuck, stale, chaotic, confused, untidy, negative energy around it.

How could these vibes be affecting you?

You absorb the energy around you. Clutter energy, as described above, could hold you back, stop new things coming into your life, prevent motivation when an opportunity arises, lead to congestion and mental fog, make you feel overwhelmed and stuck in a rut, and more. And you may feel frustration, impatience, irritability, and even panic when you can’t find the thing you’re searching for, and have to keep rummaging.

What to do with the tipped-out contents?

Now you can see everything laid out in front of you, here are the steps you take:

  1. Grab a few little boxes or containers, into which you will put excess stuff for re-locating to where it belongs later (not back in the bag). And a rubbish bin.
  2. Remove obvious rubbish. Into the bin with it.
  3. Reduce the quantity of multiples of things like pens. Have one and a back-up.
  4. Loose change is heavy. Do you need it all? Count it out, pop it in a bag, label how much is in there, and aim to spend it on that coffee or newspaper.
  5. Do you need all that make-up? Perhaps just one or two items.
  6. Do you need a whole pot of pills? A tiny container could carry a few of them.
  7. Look at everything else carefully. Do you need to carry all of it around with you?
  8. Have a little pouch in your bag for small papers like receipts and tickets.Feng Shui your Bags and Briefcase | Feng Shui Way
  9. And a container for those sweet papers, crisps bags and banana skins.
  10. Have a bag blitz once a week to keep the momentum going.

Weighty items these days include phones, cash and cards, glasses, diaries, address books, keys. These are essential, but ensure that you don’t overdo them. Do you need to carry around all those keys and more than one phone? Carrying a heavy bag can put a strain on your back, shoulders, neck, arms and wrists.

Nobody can tell you what you should or should not carry around with you. It’s personal to you, but do spend time getting rid of the non-essential, the rubbish, and the excess. You’ll reduce the weight and strain on your body, and you’ll be able to find things more easily.

Now, notice how much lighter you feel, in your bags, in your body and in your mind. It’s liberating!

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