Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing Work Together

Feng Shui struggles around clutter. Feng Shui wants to move you forward. Clutter holds you back. Its stale energy lingers in the atmosphere. Absorbing it is bad for you. Energy levels, decision-making and health can all suffer. It can make you feel ‘stuck’ and going nowhere in your life.

In Feng Shui, the floor plan of your home is divided up into eight compass sectors, and each of these relates to an area of your life. Clutter in SouthWest (your Relationships sector) can stifle relationships, stop them moving forward or create problems. In East (the Health sector) clutter can influence congestive health problems like chest infection, constipation, headaches, weight gain and any health issues that stick around. When you start clutter clearing, you’ll realise what areas of your body, mind and life were being affected by it, because those areas start to function again […] click here to read the full article.

Feng Shui Way with Brenda Martin

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