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Technology has gone crazy, I said, when I first heard about computer viruses. I stared at my very first computer, a birthday present that promised to transform my life. Way back then a virus meant a cold, flu or other illness. But this was a lump of metal and plastic! Even so, I didn’t dare use it in case the virus spread.

Computer health doesn’t just mean virus-free. It also means clutter-free. But, with life’s fast pace, instant communication, immediate demands and lack of hours in a day, uncluttering the computer never makes tomorrow’s to-do list, before we crash out at the end of the day, absolutely exhausted from ‘doing’ all day.

Recently, while our new website was developing, we had a tremendous few weeks of clutter clearing our computers (meaning files, folders etc, not binning the computers). Energy gets stuck inside computers, as well as in homes, workplaces, cars and bags. It can influence writer’s block and feeling stuck in a rut. How often do we stare at our computers wondering what to do next? Stuck energy!

After clutter clearing the computer, that sense of well-being appears, along with a feeling that all’s well and things are definitely going to move forward. Have a go. It’s really energising.

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Feng Shui Way with Brenda Martin

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