The Clutter/Feng Shui Relationship

Why I ask clients to do some uncluttering before my visit

Feng Shui Way with Brenda Martin

It’s because feng shui may not work well around clutter. Energy (chi) needs to be free-flowing and balanced. This type of energy is healthy.  When it reaches a pile of clutter, it sticks to it like glue and won’t move. So, the life area associated with the cluttered sector of the property will also stick.

The knock-on effects of clutter: As an example: In SouthWest of the home, which is associated with relationships, love, marriage, it can mean relationships stuck in a rut and not going anywhere, no relationships at all, unresolvable marital problems, not getting on with the neighbours or business colleagues, not getting any friends, and so on. This can all lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, low morale, depression and stress-related health issues.

Clutter is stuff that hasn’t been moved nor had your attention for some time. It can be books on shelves that never get moved around, unworn clothes that have been sitting in your closet for years, out-of-date tins or packets of food in your kitchen, old medicines and almost-finished tubes of stuff in the bathroom.

Cluttered handbags are bad news, as you are carrying your clutter with you every day. And what about your car, and your office desks?  Your trouser pockets? How about computer clutter? All those files and folders you no longer need, or ancient software. It all makes the energy stick, it can make you ill, and it can stop you moving forward in life.

Your home doesn’t have to be squeaky-clean. You keep what you like, need and want, but you clean it up, repair it, move it around and give it some TLC for a while. This means that you are energising it and getting it to work for you.

Your own energy affects your living space. If you don’t like something, it triggers negative feelings in you every time you focus on it or pass by it. Through your personal energy field (aura) you project your negative energy into your surroundings.

Your next step: You get rid of stuff that you no longer like, need or want, because you now know what it’s doing to you. Plus, your feng shui will be much more effective.

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