Clutter Clearing Course

An amazing home-study course to do in your own time and place, and at your own pace. You start dealing with your clutter from the first module.

The course provides a structure to clutter clearing, which makes it easy and motivating. You will soon see and feel a difference in yourself and your surroundings. You can achieve a sense of freedom, an energy buzz, a clear mind and plenty of motivation to keep clutter clearing and also to get things moving in your life.

The more you clutter clear, the more you will want to simplify your life, get rid of chaos and complications  and feel more in control.

More details here. Do read my students’ testimonials, and if you are up for it, go for the course and get going!

“This course was a great experience. It gave me a wonderful foundation to my work. I feel more confident and excited to help others and also to clear out my own stuff. When I work with a client to help clear their clutter, I usually feel a huge surge of energy to clear out any stagnant energy in my own world. Your reminder about my own energy care is most welcome. I’m getting better at caring for my energy but you are right -­ that kind of energetic heaviness is draining. It is so nice to have you and your experience helping me along my learning path. Thank you!!!”
— D.F. Washington, USA

Mail Online reported that couples regularly argue over their home having too much stuff in it. Sometimes they ‘accidentally’ break the partner’s possessions to be able to bin them. Don’t get to this stage! 

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