Clutter Can Harm Your Health

Clearing your clutter refreshes and revitalises the energy in your home or personal space, which can help to clear your mind, give you an energy buzz and improve your wellbeing tremendously.

There is nothing to make you feel more positive about yourself and life than having a clutter-clear.

Clutter creates stuck, congested energy which, apart from clogging up the atmosphere around you, can steal your personal vitality and make you sick.

It can manifest in your body as physical illnesses that stick around, such as congestive disorders like constipation, colds or chest infections. It can influence compression issues like weight gain or abdominal fat. It can also make your relationships or life stick, and stop them from moving ahead.

All this compromises your mental and emotional health, which may cause you anxiety, worry and low self-esteem. So all in all, clutter can gradually take over your health and life and have a serious knock-on negative effect on you.

But looking positively at it, you can easily do something about it and begin to feel good immediately. Here are three clutter actions to get you going:

Identify your clutter: Things that you don’t like, don’t use, or don’t need.
Consider your clutter: If it’s useful or needed, tidy it, or repair it, and use it.
Clutter action: Chuck, donate or sell your clutter.

For more focused action, my Clutter Clearing & Space Clearing course gives you an insight into your reasons for hanging onto clutter, which will help you to tackle it, and an inspiring, encouraging and motivating structure for clearing it:

Feng Shui Way with Brenda Martin

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