Clutter Clearing

Clutter clearing is a huge step to better health and wellbeing. It’s effective, exciting, motivating, and really worth the effort. It also helps to sort out your body and life. Its knock-on effect will make you feel better each day. 

Nothing can enter a pot which is already overflowing! When you start clearing clutter, you make room for other things to come into your life, such as opportunities, ideas, friends.

Clutter clearing is integral to feng shui, but also a stand-alone key factor in creating a healthy and supportive environment in which to live and work. I am experienced in clutter clearing, and can help you to clear your clutter and improve your well-being and quality of life.

shutterstock_88245616.smallClutter clearing is clearing your home, workplace and life of things which are no longer useful, liked, nor make you feel good. It also helps you to clear out old feelings, emotions and negative memories, leaving you free to move forward in your life.

Clutter is stuff that has accumulated and which hasn’t had your attention for some time. It’s also unfinished business or jobs you never get around to doing.

shutterstock_217813768Clearing clutter is addictive. It makes you feel so free, energetic and good, that you’ll want to keep doing it – but what a wonderful addiction! This is when your life begins to change because you are no longer held back by stuck energy.

How energy (chi) affects people
The quality of the chi around us (negative or positive), and the way it flows, determines our levels of health, energy, motivation, mood and more.   

Negatively: blocked energy flow is unhealthy and unbalanced and we’ll feel the same. We may feel tired, irritable, unmotivated, and sleep or work badly. Small health problems may occur, or disharmony in our daily life. Self-esteem and confidence may begin to suffer and we can become depressed and stressed.

Positively: free-flowing, balanced energy around us and through us creates health, vitality and harmony and gives us a feeling of well-being and inner peace. 

Clutter.PaperEnergy gets stale around clutter. In feng shui, each of the nine compass areas of a property or room are associated with specific life areas and can be harmed by clutter. Clutter in SouthWest can affect relationships and drain female energy.  In NorthWest business and male energy. In East it affects health, in SouthEast finances, and so on.

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