Clutter Clearing

Feng Shui and Clutter Clearing work together. Feng Shui and Clutter Clearing work together.

I always ask my clients to start clutter clearing while I’m doing research and preparation work on their property. Both of us working together like this is really effective.

Chi energy must be free-flowing and balanced. When it reaches clutter, it sticks to it like glue and won’t budge. So, the life area where the clutter is located may become stuck.

As an example: South West of the home is the life area of relationships, love, marriage. Cluttered South West can mean relationships stuck in a rut and not going anywhere, no relationships at all, unsolvable marital problems, not getting on with the neighbours or business colleagues, not getting any friends, and so on.

Feng shui remedies struggle with clutter. While feng shui is trying to create healthy, balanced, free-flowing energy, clutter is busy clogging it up.

Your home doesn’t have to be squeaky clean. You keep what you like, need and want, but you organise it, repair it, move it around and give it some TLC for a while. This means that you are unclogging and freeing up the energy. And your feng shui will be much more effective.

As you move along with your clutter clearing, you’ll find it motivating and energising and really worth the effort. It also risks becoming addictive, but what a wonderful addiction! This is when your life may begin to change because you are no longer being held back by stuck energy.  

Nothing can enter a pot that is already overflowing! When you start clearing clutter, you make room for other things to come into your life, such as opportunities, ideas, and friends.

I am starting to feel the effects from clutter clearing.  When I walk into my home the atmosphere feels lighter, my body weight has stabilised, and worrying over work matters is lessening. All very positive happenings. K.R. Caroline Springs, Australia