Feng Shui Health Tips

FS Health Tips

There is a significant connection between your health and the quality of chi in your home. You absorb the energy that surrounds you, so if you are feeling out of sorts or a bit low, healthy-up the chi around you to uplift your spirits and boost your health.

Air:  Inside a home the air is often more polluted than outside. Open doors and windows regularly to move the air around. Then improve its quality with plants. Plants attract chi and make it healthy. Peace Lily and Boston Fern are two good plants for purifying the air. Have some small plants dotted around the room, and in the East sector of your sitting room (the health area in feng shui) a tall plant such as an Areca Palm.

Entrance hall: Here the healthy chi entering from outside gets ready to move through the home. If your spirits sag as you enter, so will the chi. So make the hall light, bright and welcoming. Ideas: colourful rug and picture, good lighting, anything that makes you feel good.

Light: Essential for health. Natural light outdoors is best for you. Indoors use full spectrum light. Hang a mirror strategically to reflect light into a room, but don’t reflect anything unpleasant, like clutter or bills to pay. A mirror doubles them!

Health Area: The East sector of your home will benefit from clearing clutter, placing that tall green plant mentioned earlier, and a small water feature, or a bamboo plant.

Bedroom: Let in natural light and fresh air by day, have gentle light in the evenings. No blue light equipment like phones or computers. It interferes with your melatonin production for quality sleep. Cover sharp points and angles of furniture aiming at you while you sleep. Cover the television overnight if it reflects the bed. Try not to have your bed between the door and window, or you will be hit by a rush of chi. Clear any clutter and try to keep underneath the bed and behind the door free of stuff.

Positive Thoughts: Just these few steps can help clear out stuck energy, refresh the atmosphere, and create healthy surroundings that support your wellbeing. Your positive thoughts help too, as thought is energy. So focus on improving your wellbeing, and keep the healthy chi flowing every day.

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Healthy Front Door

The front door is one of the most important areas of the home. This is where healthy chi energy from outside enters and flows around the whole home, nourishing all rooms and spaces.

How chi travels towards the front door, what it meets when it arrives there and how it enters are important. Its journey can make it tired, depressed, angry and unhealthy, or it can make it happy, energised, balanced and healthy.

Here are some tips for attracting healthy chi to your front door and into your home:

Chi must meander
It gets angry rushing along a straight path to your front door, so stagger some plants in pots along the path, to make chi curve. Chi loves plants. It will stop around them for a while, gathering healthy energy.

Chi likes pleasant scenery
Unsightly objects like recycling bins, old pots, piles of rubbish or  dead plants will make chi unhealthy. So keep the front area looking tidy and pleasant.

Door in good condition
No squeaky hinges, rusty knobs and knockers or peeling paint. Polish the shiny parts and give it a new coat of paint. Make sure the door opens to its full width. Chi doesn’t like being squashed.

Lights and plants
Chi is attracted to lights and plants. They make it healthy. Plants around the door, either side of the door step for balance, and a light above, are perfect.

Your own chi
Your own energy can affect the quality of chi that enters. If you enter feeling negative, you risk weakening the chi. If you enter feeling good, chi will bounce around with health. We cannot always feel upbeat, but if you find your front door and front garden pleasant to see and to walk through, you will bring good chi in with you.

There is much more
but you can make a very positive start with the points above.

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Check What Your Mirror Reflects

Look in your mirror from all angles to see what it reflects. The mirror symbolically doubles what it reflects. If it’s clutter, the mirror increases the clutter and the denseness of the stuck chi which permeates it. If it’s a table with a pile of bills on top, the mirror doubles the bills and any stress you may have about paying them. Move the mirror to reflect something pleasant which will increase healthy chi and lift your mood.

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