Space Clear The Bad Energy

Whatever happens in a room or home is absorbed by the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, objects, plants and everything else in it. If previous occupants had problems, such as financial, divorce, illness, disharmony, or the business suffered, the negative energies created by the thoughts, feelings and behaviour of the occupants remain in the space or object and can affect future occupants and businesses.

Repetitive patterns, moods and atmospheres get deeply imprinted in the very fabric of a building and swirl around in the surrounding space, possibly causing similar problems for future occupants. If your home or a room makes you feel depressed or strange in any way, you could be sensing energy left behind from a previous event or trauma […] click here to read the full article

Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing Work Together

Feng Shui struggles around clutter. Feng Shui wants to move you forward. Clutter holds you back. Its stale energy lingers in the atmosphere. Absorbing it is bad for you. Energy levels, decision-making and health can all suffer. It can make you feel ‘stuck’ and going nowhere in your life.

In Feng Shui, the floor plan of your home is divided up into eight compass sectors, and each of these relates to an area of your life. Clutter in SouthWest (your Relationships sector) can stifle relationships, stop them moving forward or create problems. In East (the Health sector) clutter can influence congestive health problems like chest infection, constipation, headaches, weight gain and any health issues that stick around. When you start clutter clearing, you’ll realise what areas of your body, mind and life were being affected by it, because those areas start to function again […] click here to read the full article

Declutter Your Website

We all want to drive visitors to our website, but is the website appealing enough for them to stay around and explore? Is our content interesting or engaging enough, or is there just too much of it, or too much waffle?

If you’re lacking visitors, or they visit but don’t convert, and bounce rates are high, it could be time for a website de-clutter.

Think about the website like your home. You clean up for your visitors […] click here to read the full article on LinkedIn

Clutter Workout for Desk and Mind

Spend 4 minutes clutter-clearing your desk at the end of each day, and you will start the next day feeling focused, energised and organised, and will probably be more productive.

Spend another 1 minute writing a To-Do list and put a tick by the priorities, and you will have a tidy, organised mind as well as a clear desk.

Being faced with a messy desk first thing in the morning can sap your energy and lower your morale and motivation, and it can also mess-up your thinking […] click here to read the full article

Clutter Can Harm Your Health

Clearing your clutter refreshes and revitalises the energy in your home or personal space, which can help to clear your mind, give you an energy buzz and improve your wellbeing tremendously.

There is nothing to make you feel more positive about yourself and life than having a clutter-clear.

Clutter creates stuck, congested energy which, apart from clogging up the atmosphere around you, can steal your personal vitality and make you sick.

It can manifest in your body as physical illnesses that stick around, such as congestive disorders like constipation, colds or chest infections. It can influence compression issues like weight gain or abdominal fat. It can also make your relationships or life stick, and stop them from moving ahead.

All this compromises your mental and emotional health, which may cause you anxiety, worry and low self-esteem. So all in all, clutter can gradually take over your health and life and have a serious knock-on negative effect on you.

But looking positively at it, you can easily do something about it and begin to feel good immediately. Here are three clutter actions to get you going:

Identify your clutter: Things that you don’t like, don’t use, or don’t need.
Consider your clutter: If it’s useful or needed, tidy it, or repair it, and use it.
Clutter action: Chuck, donate or sell your clutter.

For more focused action, my Clutter Clearing & Space Clearing course gives you an insight into your reasons for hanging onto clutter, which will help you to tackle it, and an inspiring, encouraging and motivating structure for clearing it:

Check What Your Mirror Reflects

Look in your mirror from all angles to see what it reflects. The mirror symbolically doubles what it reflects. If it’s clutter, the mirror increases the clutter and the denseness of the stuck chi which permeates it. If it’s a table with a pile of bills on top, the mirror doubles the bills and any stress you may have about paying them. Move the mirror to reflect something pleasant which will increase healthy chi and lift your mood.

Learn more in our Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing home-study course.

Computer Health

Feng Shui WayTechnology has gone crazy, I said, when I first heard about computer viruses. I stared at my very first computer, a birthday present that promised to transform my life. Way back then a virus meant a cold, flu or other illness. But this was a lump of metal and plastic! Even so, I didn’t dare use it in case the virus spread.  

Computer health doesn’t just mean virus-free. It also means clutter-free. But, with life’s fast pace, instant communication, immediate demands and lack of hours in a day, uncluttering the computer never makes tomorrow’s to-do list, before we crash out at the end of the day, absolutely exhausted from ‘doing’ all day […] read more

From Stuck To Free With Clutter Clearing

Feng Shui WayI’m sitting here thinking of an example of how powerful clutter clearing can be to ‘get your life moving again.’ Jan started out as my feng shui client and, after many clutter-clearing sessions later, became a friend.

Jan was definitely the Queen of Clutter, with whole rooms in her house packed to overflowing with anything you can think of, as well as all her walls decorated with bits of paper, postcards, photos, telephone numbers and reminders. Even her cooker hob was a fall-out zone for bits of paper […] read more

Addicted To Uncluttering

Feng Shui WayMy addiction always kicks in when I’ve returned home from travelling.  It’s usually after staying with other people, but they know this and don’t get offended, because they’re always asking me to unclutter them. I do what I can to help, but uncluttering a whole home is not a quick two-hour fix!

I’ve been uncluttering for years. My friends say that I can’t possibly have anything left to donate or chuck. I’m fairly minimalist…although our home may collapse one day under the weight of my books! I’m addicted […] read more