Areas of Work

– Feng Shui Consultations – 

Private Individualsshutterstock_217929820

  • Single rooms
  • Houses 
  • Bungalows
“I contacted Brenda, as I had moved into my house over a year ago and wanted it to be a happy and healthy environment. Brenda came to the house to carry out a survey.  She was very easy to speak to and sympathetic to all my concerns. I was delighted with her report. It was very thorough, giving suggestions for every room and also giving a comprehensive or holistic view of any issues, both personal and of the house. Just making a few small changes feels refreshing.”
— MM. Oxford, UK
  • Apartmentsshutterstock_75135658
  • Studios
  • Converted stables
  • Period cottages
“Having read your brilliant report I wanted to let you know how much you have helped , impressed and inspired me.”
— J.G. Algarve, Portugal
“Brenda’s approach is gentle and without pressure, with time and freedom to make considered choices. It is an altogether freeing experience and I always look forward to her next visit.”
— M.S. Abingdon,UK


  • shutterstock_99495035Fish Canning Factory for Pets and People
  • Fitted Kitchen Showroom and Offices
  • Bespoke Furniture and Architectural Joinery
  • Importer of Telecommunications Equipment
  • Restaurant and Beer Hall
  • Magazine and Publications Company
“You helped me with my business and home in Loule. Thank you, because, for the past couple of years my life has been getting better and things moving in the right direction.” 
— G.G. Fine Furniture Company, Loulé, Portugal
  • Proshutterstock_165287699motional Marketing Company
  • Indian Restaurant
  • Design Agency
  • Design & Marketing Company
  • Land Developer: two large apartment complexes
  • Various offices, showrooms and factories
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– Feng Shui Home-Study Courses –

My students are global, and from many different backgrounds and cultures. They include retired folk, doctors, lawyers, health workers, interior designers, artists, teachers, therapists, counsellors, military and corporate personnel and more.

“I AM LOVING THIS COURSE!!!  Tutor support is FANTASTIC!!  Brenda is very helpful and always takes the time to answer my questions and doubts in detail. Your school has proven to be the best in many ways.  I’ve done three other correspondence courses over the past ten years (colour therapy, parapsychology and TEFL) and have found the level of the courses and the support superior here. Thanks for everything.”
— L.S. Girona, Spain (also did Feng Shui Practitioner Skills)
“lf anyone has the tools to help fix life’s ups and downs, it’s YOU!”
— M.M. South Africa (Feng Shui Foundations, Feng Shui Practitioner Skills, I Ching) 
“The course allowed me to study in my own time frame, whilst continuing to balance my work and home life. Studying with your School was most positive. I took a huge amount out of each module and could easily use and adapt the information to identify and implement changes within my own life and home. The remedies used have certainly shown positive results for me. Thank you Brenda for your continued support…… and patience!!!!!”  
— N.M. Bearsden, UK (Feng Shui Foundations)
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