Aims & Methods


To focus on the following
Your needs, challenges and goals
– Support for your health and well-being
Predecessor energy
Areas of clutter and stuck energy
Releasing energy blockages
– To achieve
 healthy energy throughout

My Aim for You
– Feel good about your surroundings
– Mo
re energy and a sense of well-being
– To have control over your life
For things to start going right

I won’t be doing the following
Turning your home into a show-house
Suggesting expensive structural changes
– Recommending lots of purchases
Suggesting changes you are not happy with

I may add, with your consent
Stress relief tips for healthier living
– N
utrition tips for overall well-being

Feng Shui Methods Used in Your Consultation

These methods analyse how well you link to your property, the quality of energy in the property, and how the interior and exterior of your property can be arranged for a healthy and positive energy flow. My aim is to help you resolve problems, work towards goals and achieve a positive outcome.

Traditional Form & Compass Feng Shui
Environment & Building
Assess influence of landscape & environment.

Analyse the energy in all areas of the property.FS Elements
Assess predecessor energy (previous occupants).

Xuan Kong Flying Stars
Calculate energy influences on the property over time.

Eight Mansions
Your personal good & bad directions
Align you with your natural energy flow, to balance, support & empower you.

Ba Zi Four Pillars
Your personal energies
Calculate your birth data, and identify and remedy any imbalance in your personal energy. Only used if appropriate to your needs.

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