Case Studies

From my Client Consultations
Names changed for client confidentiality.

Small changes can have powerful outcomes. In these case studies, many more changes were made to the properties, but as a result of one or two small changes, there were some fascinating outcomes.

Joe and Anna were trying for a baby with no luck
Their bedroom doubled up as Joe’s office, which spread over most of the bedroom. They slept badly, surrounded by office equipment and piles of paper. A tiny spare room next door was not suitable as an office, but ideal as a potential nursery.
Remedy: Keep the ‘yang’ office to one section of the bedroom. At night, take out of the room any removable equipment and cover the remainder with a large, attractive ‘yin’ coloured cloth. Cover the TV screen which reflected the bed. Add some yin cushions and soft lighting. Unclutter the spare room, re-paint and decorate it. Focus on this room as a possible nursery.
Outcome: Twins!

Robin and his Dog kept breaking bones
They had a lovely house and a small garden cottage where his wife Madge painted. Madge felt uncomfortable in the house, so she moved into the cottage. In the centre of their open-plan downstairs area was a fireplace, with ornamental, vicious-looking crossed swords on the wall above, plus other smaller decorative knives.
Remedy: Remove the swords and knives.
Outcome: No more broken bones. Madge moved back in and felt at peace.

Jane was trying to make her marriage work
She felt squashed by her strong-minded husband. Signs were that John was having an affair. The feng shui house layout indicated all strength to John and very little for Jane.
Remedy: Strengthen Jane’s energy in the house, reduce a little of John’s.
Outcome: Jane kicked John out of the house and is going for a divorce.

Sarah felt insecure in her new house
She didn’t like coming home. Her house plans showed the centre of her house located just outside the old front door which was now permanently locked. A new front door was located elsewhere and the important Centre of the property didn’t exist.
Remedy: Re-open the old front door and energise around it with a hanging basket of flowers either side of the door, a light and a curved pathway towards it lined with shrubs in pots, and a bright, colourful, welcoming entrance hall.
Outcome: Contentment, peace of mind, a pleasure to return home.

Paula was buried under clutter
Many sessions later, she was free of it, but didn’t seem to be moving forward. She admitted she had hidden files that she couldn’t bear to deal with. They related to her divorce and her parents’ deaths. After many tear-filled hours, she reduced the files to a few certificates and memorabilia.
Outcome: The next time I saw Paula, she was a different person, a bundle of energy, doing courses, travelling and getting involved in anything and everything.

Jenny and Paul’s house was overflowing with stuff
So much furniture and unopened removal boxes. They were always ill with congestion problems – a clear sign of living in a congested house. Business was dead, their marriage was suffering, and disasters happened daily. After two clutter clearing sessions with them, things began to improve. They were amazed and enthusiastic, then did what I always warn clients not to do. They started tackling every room at once, emptying stuff into their entrance hall. The entrance is the ‘mouth of chi’ where healthy energy enters. Chi couldn’t get in, and if any did make it, it got stuck. Jenny became seriously ill, Paul had an affair, and the children failed at school. They called me in a panic. We emptied the hall, put everything back, and started over. They donated almost half their possessions to charity.
Outcome: Paul made amends, business and quality of life took an upward turn. No more congestive health issues.

Charlotte’s business was at a standstill
I did a feng shui evaluation for her. Her business was at a standstill and her relationship seemed to be going nowhere. Her home office was well laid out, but  piles of paper were spread over every surface, books spilling out of the bookcase, To-Do lists stuck everywhere, and Charlotte sat at her desk with her shoulders and back bent forward, as though she had the world pressing down on her. Her office was in North West – her business and helpful people sector. Plenty of stuck energy in here, influencing stuck business and no help. Charlotte put my recommendations into place and started decluttering at the same time. A few weeks later she told me that she had received four new work projects.

Brian had to squeeze into one room
Brian had lived in his house for over 50 years and was about to move into one room in a retirement home. He had many interests, books and memorabilia spread around, and there was no space even to sit. Brian was good at donating books, ornaments and clothes, but historical writings, diaries and memoirs needed special treatment in the one room. We did it, feng shui’d the room, and one corner of Brian’s new room was given over to a little library of writings and memorabilia which he could spend time enjoying at leisure.

Emile had to downsize after his divorce
After his divorce, Emile moved half the contents of his house into a friend’s loft and workshop for temporary storage. He decided to move abroad and wanted to reduce his things by half. In the workshop his boxes and furniture were piled up and spread over every floor space, and the loft was crammed with his boxes. Emile was in despair. The workshop had just enough room to tackle one box at a time, and we eventually started to free up space. Then we dealt with the boxes from the loft. It was an emotional and exhausting experience for Emile, as he had to consider each item, along with its memories, let go of half and tidy the other half into boxes again. We finished with an empty loft and an orderly stack of boxes lining the workshop, with Emile standing in the middle of a big floor area, taking photographs, amazed at what had been achieved.

Janet couldn’t find a house
Janet wanted to move out quickly, as she had a buyer for her house. But she hadn’t yet found another home, so she was going to put most of her things in storage and retain a few suitcases to take with her to a friend’s. Her biggest issue was piles of files with years of paperwork. We set to on these, weeding out the old, re-filing the important papers and making new files. Janet gathered momentum as space and order started appearing. Two large boxes were allocated to the remaining important files, leaving us free space to start leisurely on books, ornaments, clothes and other items. Shortly afterwards, her ideal new house appeared. 

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