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Single rooms / Apartments / Houses / Bungalows / Studios / Converted stables / Period cottages / Stately homes

I contacted Brenda, as I had moved into my house a year ago and wanted it to be a happy and healthy environment. Brenda was very easy to speak to and sympathetic to all my concerns. I was delighted with her report. It was very thorough, with suggestions for every room and providing a comprehensive or holistic view of any issues, both personal and of the house. Just making a few small changes feels refreshing. MM. Oxford, GB


Fish Canning Factory for Pets and People

Fitted Kitchen Showroom and Offices

Bespoke Furniture and Architectural Joinery: You helped me with my business and home in Loulé. Thank you, because, for the past couple of years my life has been getting better and things moving in the right direction. G.G. Fine Furniture Company, Loulé, Portugal

Telecommunications Equipment

Restaurant and Beer Hall

Magazine and Publications Company

Promotional Marketing Company

Indian Restaurant

Design Agency

Design & Marketing Company

Land Developer: Apartment complexes

Various offices, showrooms and factories

David Harber Ltd. Sculptures: With our client base expanding across the globe we were keen to have guidance on Feng Shui and how it relates to our sculptures.  Brenda arrived extremely well prepared and was professional and engaging. She expertly guided us through the positives and negatives of our sculptures and highlighted the key concepts of Feng Shui that we should be aware of for our future designs. A.B. Marketing, David Harber Ltd. Oxford, GB

Areas of Work
Oxford, Berks, Hants, Dorset, Midlands, Portugal
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