Create good energy in your surroundings,
and improve your health, well-being and success

Logo - FS.ConsAccredited Feng Shui Consultant with 20 years’ experience in providing space solutions in homes and businesses for an energised and balanced environment. 

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Brenda-1Brenda’s aim is to create a positive change for you, and improved health and well-being, without disruption, structural upheaval or major purchases. Whether a room, small or large dwelling, or business, you will work together on changing the energy and getting things moving forward.

“I found Brenda’s Feng Shui visit really helpful. Everyone who visits me says what a wonderful energy the house has, how calm and relaxed they feel.  This is in no small part due to Brenda’s advice. What I liked is she is open and flexible, not at all dogmatic and will find good compromises where necessary.  I recommended her to a friend who was equally pleased with her visit and advice.”
— V.B Algarve, Portugal
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Homes: Brenda works with you to ensure that your comfort and personal tastes are maintained. Your home will be balanced and re-energised for better health, harmony and wellbeing for you and your family.

shutterstock_64638820Places of business: Brenda provides space solutions, helping to create an harmonious, supportive working environment, which improves opportunities for success, collaboration and productivity.

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Is Feng Shui for you?

Feng Shui can help you to:

  • resolve problems in your home and workplace
  • boost your health and energy
  • create positive and supportive surroundings
  • improve relationships
  • achieve a better quality of life
  • get things moving again
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Clutter Clearing Solutions

Clutter - BagsBrenda helps you to identify reasons for hanging onto clutter. Together, you will take steps to free your home, workplace and life of things which are no longer useful, liked, nor make you feel good. Clearing your clutter can help to clear out old feelings, emotions and negative memories, leaving you free to move forward in your life.

“Brenda has been to help me on several occasions. She has a wonderful facility for creating space and for finding a place for everything one wants to keep.” 
— P.R. Banbury, Oxfordshire
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