Positive energy around you
can be life-changing

Brenda Martin: Feng Shui Society AccreditedBrenda Martin is a Feng Shui Consultant and Trainer
accredited with the Feng Shui Society and International Feng Shui Guild.

21 years’ experience providing healthy, balanced and energised space solutions in homes and businesses for well-being and success. 

Brenda Martin | Accredited Feng Shui Consultant | Oxford & Portugal

“I aim to create a positive difference for you, without disruption, structural upheaval or expensive purchases. Whether one room, a small or large property or business, we work together to change the energy and get your life or business moving ahead.” Brenda

Thank you Brenda for being the person you are and an excellent Feng Shui consultant. All your recommendations are clear and your website is comprehensive and beautifully presented. All aspects of the process gave me confidence that this was the right path for me. I now have motivation to do what is needed. Two areas of concern for me, finances and relationships, have improved, and I have learnt that the most important relationship is the one with myself. Wishing you peace and abundance. G.R. Birmingham UK

I will balance and re-energise your home for better health, harmony and well-being, maintaining your comfort and personal tastes.

I provide space solutions for a harmonious, supportive working environment, which improves opportunities for success, collaboration and productivity.

Feng Shui can help you to:
— resolve problems
— boost health and energy
— create supportive surroundings
— improve relationships
— achieve a better quality of life
— get things moving again

I found Brenda’s advice really helpful. Everyone who visits says what wonderful energy the house has, how calm and relaxed they feel. She is open and flexible, not at all dogmatic and will find good compromises where necessary. I recommended her to a friend who was equally pleased with her advice. V.B. Algarve, Portugal

Clutter Clearing Solutions

Together, we free your home, workplace and life of things you no longer like, need or want. You will create space around you, feel energised, and find it easier to clear old feelings, emotions and negative memories, enabling you to move forward in your life. 

Areas of Work
Oxford, Berks, Hants, Dorset, Midlands, Portugal
Global: Remote / Overview

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